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    DM – thinking of u – let us no asap fx fx xx



    Ashy: pain localized on one side should be looked into by a doctor. It’s very likely you just have a cyst on your ovary from where you ovulated. When I had the ectopic on my left side, it felt like burning pain in my hip. The ectopic for me was not in my tubes though, it was outside. Most ectopic pain will not start until you are past 10 weeks, but I have read about women feeling the pain from one sooner. Better get it checked hun, for your own peace of mind.



    For those of you that track your CM how long do you normally have it for? I Started having it on 12-10 and its 12-20 and I still have it. I ovulated on the 13th. Is it normal to have it for so long? or is it a sign of something? like pregnancy lol ? 🙂


    Evening ladies hope everyone had a good weekend ??



    A huge congrats to all the BFP!!!Wish u could keep this train running for all of us 🙂 sory for all those with AF…..I soooo wanna test now but scared im going to be dissapointed…i think i had implantation bleeding today, im about 9DPO when do you girls think is the best time to test….im suuuuppppper tired as well



    eeyore-I would think so…at least thats my understanding of how it works. I think for every half hour you take it earlier you subtract one tenth of a degree so yeah, one hour earlier would make it .2 degrees lower. If it is higher thats a good sign 🙂



    need a boy – Congrats to you love!!! 🙂



    its 2am, im in florida..and i just cant sleep..i have a bad on just in case but nothing..i hope its not her af that is…anyways i do check my cp all the time when af is d…its always hard long low and open when she is here or near…but its high wet soft…and hpt sed bfn 2 im assuming its her..sooo confused!



    Clomid Ladies.. So I thought I was going to escape side effects from clomid, but I think clomid smacked me upside the head yesterday afternoon. I had gotten off of work, drove to pick up DS from daycare, and on the way home I started to get super hot and clammy.. I started to feel shakey and my head felt really out of it… I almost had to pull over. When I got home, I called DH out of the house to carry DS because I felt too weak to do it. DH took over DS while I changed into sweats and sat down for a few minutes. I would say it lasted about 20 minutes to half an hour before I was feeling good enough to play with DS/make dinner, etc.. Are these the same ‘clomid effects’ any of you have experienced? After I started to feel better, I got super chilly and had to bundle up the rest of the night. Hope it’s clomid and not an illness coming on.. either way, it was odd… borderline scary..



    I hope so to lc



    Taylor – I have been doing Zumba on the Wii – LOVE it!!! It sure is a work out!



    tattooedmomma- i know me to! i don’t like to test because seeing a BFN is always so sad, but i decided to test on my birthday, the 4th, and now everyday is so slow! hopefully we both get our BFP that day!!! ****lots of baby dust to you****



    bex86- sometimes after a chem/early m/c your cycle will be longer, mine was delayed by 2 weeks. So don’t stress too much about your cycle length this time around as your body is readjusting.


    Thank you I need all the luck I can get!! Good luck to you all to. September will be the month!!!



    atlmommy – I’ve noticed a difference lately in my energy levels, but I’m chalking it up to a 3 year old who is all of a sudden refusing to go to sleep at bedtime and then has us up at least four times a night! *Extreme* fatigue was my very first symptom with my 1st pregnancy (before I even knew I was pregnant), but I’m trying not to read too much into it this time.

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