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    well i think im out this month, my temps keep dropping so im sure AF will be here right on schedule…we werent actually trying to get pregnant so its not a huge disappointment although i would love another child…i did think that we missed the O but there was a tiny chance we didnt so i think thats what i was holding out for….oh well…we arent trying for another baby but we arent preventing one either so whatever comes our way 🙂


    How fast after you take opks should you read results ??? ….. mine this morning was super dark not quiet positive yet but it got lighter as it dried??? HELP



    Hey girls… how is everyone today? I’m CD 6 and patiently waiting for ovulation.



    Hehe thank you! Well I couldn’t think of any other way to show u girls. I might have a look on ff at cycles the end in a bfp and see if they had the same pattern, coz u having the same kind of cycle last month gives me a little bit of hope.



    Hi there, I just have to share this. If any of you have an iPhone or smart phone get the period tracker deluxe app Â1.19 (so cheap!!) It is fantastic, you can track your periods, chart temps, weight and symptoms, it marks your fertile days and expected ovulation days for you so you can make any mistakes and know if you’ve bd’d at the right times. Plus you can update it, check it and add things whilst your on the move which is soooo much more convenient!! Let me know if any of you get it so we can discuss.
    I feel way more confident now! 🙂



    dmmarine- i think i am going to test friday morning I will be either 13/14 dpo 🙂 I am hoping all my symptoms are pointing to a BFP! But even if I do get a bfp still wont tell my bf until he gets home 🙂 I woould love to surprise him with this! agape- i think if yoou guys just keep bding right up until he goes and bd again when he returns I think it would make for a good chance this month!



    faybebaby, my ‘non-ovulating month’ is taking a nap right now lol.



    HAHA, no you didnt hear from me, I was having far too much fun on my own!! Then had to watch Ben in a football match. Like I said, I really dont believe in Him (prob should be careful saying that) but thats how I am. But, yes it really does make you think miracles can happen. There was a woman on it the other day, and I missed some of it, but she wanted kids, couldn’t get preg, went for tests, was told her eggs were basically useless, so couldnt do ivf etc etc, so her friend said she would be surrogste, but cos her eggs were sooo bad, they had to use her friends eggs (bearing in mind this had gone on for quite a number of years) her frined got inseminated with her husbands sperm, she got a bfn, so did it the second time, and a week before they were due to get the results from her friends test, SHE found out she waas pg!!! Luckily her friend didnt fall pg the second time either. But it really makes you think, its alot about infertility, miscarriges and the routes people take to hopfully get sorted. ie whether it be ivf or natural remedies



    Good Morning Girls! How is everything going?! Any new bfps?



    Well ladies I got back from picking up my car a couple of hours ago and took a nap. I still sleeppy though But I have to go into work. I feel sick to my stomach. I hate that feeling!! My head feels like its going to explode!!



    Lawwa, you are a Brit! Get your buns in here and tell me you eat pancakes on Pancake Day so everyone does not think Im nuts! hee hee! Ok, I am nuts, who am I kidding… but pancake day is real!



    great caden just pooed again, lol and i took of nappy and he peed on me, how nice!



    Eve…. that really sucks!! I am so sorry. Got another BFN with a internet test this morning. SO i may be joining you. If i am i will be out next cycle too as we dont wwant a nov baby. Fingers crossed AF stays away. Though i bedded with hubby last night and i had some blood. Hoping thats implation bleeding.



    thanks linda!! right back atcha babe!



    Oh wow. I have been feeling really nauseous but i am surprised becausse on the 1st Feb i had a D&C and a laproscopy i got my AF on the 3 of Feb then i started getting sore breasts and irritability on the 13 Feb and i have gained weight. and my breasts feeling like huge water bags and the nipples are just so sore. So i am confused.

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