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    Good luck to u too happy!



    Congrats on all the BFP’s!!! I too am hoping to get mine soon! Time seems to be going so slow these days!!! But time will tell!!! Baby dust to all the rest of us!!!


    When are you testing again D ?



    Fingers crossed Emma!!! I hope you are ok, stay positive!!! We are all praying for you!!!



    Urgh! Having some cramping….I think I may be out this month



    I have had troubles with my period for ever really ( sense I started when I was 10) they never came right or sometime they would come at all I would go months without having one, and than have it every month for 6 months just depends, anyway I didn’t have it in april, may,june,july…. I got it in august, september, we never use anything because well I seem to never have my period so I figured it will happen when it happens….. well I was waiting for it in november I get it on the 24th and it goes to the 27th or the 28th depending so that I could take my Clomid that the doctor pescribed and it never came…. I have been feeling very sick, never actually running to the bathroom, but the queasy feeling,…. heartburn is terrible…. tired….. and smells ahhhh some days I can smell anything other days not so much…… just wondering what you all think? Btw I have a daughter she is 3 she will be 4 in May …. THANKS:)



    Oh sarah 🙂 its lookin good for u! lets hope that meanie cyst has nothin to do wit it this time! Em2, wow! now im anxious to test again, lol i tested at 4,5 and 6 dpo this cycle thinkin i was further ahead in my cycle bcuz im usually 28days! think im goin to get some hpts today!


    That is what I was thinking but I thought there is no way its way to early, who knows. We’ll just wait and see I can only hope so.



    good morning ladies… well still no af and had another temp jump it was .2 higher!!! i tested yesterday and it was bfn so should i test today? or should i just wait a couple of more days



    I am finally having a AF symptom. Craving CHOCOLATE like CRAZY!!!! So hopefully she shows soon.



    aime – I used the Equate brand to find I was pregnant with DD. I tested pretty early so the line was very faint but it was there.



    Jen – Darn!! Hopefully you get your BFP Tuesday!! lilpa – shes a mean witch! For me CD37 & 12DPO…Last month I had a 34 day cycle!! Been spottin very little on and off since Friday, only when I wipe (TMI) not even any in my underwear!! idk whats going on but if its AF I wish she would show already! 🙁



    Mommymelissa-congratulations to you well done-can i ask how many days dpo were you when you got your BFP



    Hi everyone, does anyone on here know if you can ovulate but still get negative opk, as it is my cd 18 have being getting pains on my left side all week , I checked and my cervix is high and soft but I keep getting negative opk, starting to panic maybe ill not ovulate this month atall.



    You’re bang on about it being a chemo drug used for molar pregnancy, but also for early ectopic pregnancy. My hCG was over 1000 last Tuesday, and I has some discomfort on my left side. They did u/s and found the pregnancy had attached outside my uterus and close to my bladder in my abdominal cavity! (well, it appeared to be placed there – the fallopian tubes are completely invisible on u/s… so unless mine are winding all around my abdominal cavity – the pregnancy is not in the tube… my doctor is using the ‘wait and see’ approach for now to see if my hCG will drop on its own, thus avoiding the shot of methotrexate.

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