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    Kayce-I stopped taking the pill at the end of Sept and my last cycle was 46 days. I started on Nov. 9. I know how you feel about the long cycle…. I used the OPK’s this month and I feel pretty confident about this month. Good Luck!!



    Fingers crossed ingodsrime that she didn’t show ?? , baby bum defo see your doc and ask for a blood test .. We bd the Tuesday and Thursday night and I I’d I think the Friday , didn’t do it again as we had so much going on so will probably be out this month but I’m not stressing x


    I just took an OPK the lines are the same color not ‘DARK dark’ but a definite pos OPK! My CM is (TMI) a little sticky and stretchy about an inch. I hope I’m still in the game :-S I am going to post a photo of the OPK I just took if anyone cares to take a look


    Oh Luvmykiddos…… I’m so sorry. i know how upset u must b. u are a strong woman. *hugs*



    need help ladies:0) my cycle lasted only 2 days this month. i was due to start on jan 31; started on feb 1 (evening) and went for 2 days. would my ovulation times be the same? my regular cycles would last 3 to 5 days, medium flow for 2 and light to spotting for the remainder. don’t know if TTC is making a difference to how my cycles will now run.



    I found a free bbt charting site at and ive been using that and the FF app on my phone. from the 24-29th my temp has increased, and today it dropped. AF isn’t do for me until or around Jan 5th, so I don’t really know what to think at this point. I guess ill see what my temp is like tomorrow. hopefully it goes back up and stays up = sticking bean!! fingers crossed. and I’m still waiting for my early hpt to come in the mail. I’d prob do the first test on those on maybe wednesday, just to see…



    That’s fab Kayce – I’ll need to source a UK company that does the same thing as I am sure postage from the US would wipe out any savings I may have made – typically!!!



    Hi ladies…. CD5 here…. AF should be leaving today or tomorrow and due to Ovulate around the 18th….. Hoping all goes smoothly this time 🙂



    Hi Lawwa, I about 27-35 day cycles. But I think I have a long lutheal phase. Thats what my doctor says. I was thinking on starting this friday. Ill be on day 10. Is that okay?



    3wouldbe- now if only you had the website. Lol jk. Thank you. I’m interested to see if that will help ds…



    Do you gals know what is normal for implamentation bleeding? This morning I was pretty sure that AF was here. I’m sorry if this is tmi, but I’m losing my mind…. I saw stuff anytime I went to the restroom and wiped. This was for about an hour this morning. (I kept checking) Since then NOTHING. What the heck? I am 11dpo or so I think.



    I did however get a pos opk test two days later this cycle (cd 16) but I am on clomid for the first time, so this whole cycle may be different.



    Congrats Lindsey!! It’s not quite 5 here so Im going back to bed haha.



    I know this is our 11th cycle of actively trying 🙁 I’ve seen SOOO many negatives! Maybe I’ll test in the a.m.?! Sooo afraid I’ll get my hopes up!



    Hey ladies, I have questions. At 7 DPO I had a small spec of brownish blood and it was like that when I wiped. I’ve had a crazy appetite since then and my temps have been high. The last 2 days they’ve been 98 or higher. BUT tonight I’ve had some pains on my right side down by my hip bone. Does that mean anything?

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