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    omg, i am sick from that video.



    @dmmarinewife, 515baby & loon – thanks for the prayers. @Damnkat – thanks for your encouraging words. @katmoma – congrats…I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

    DH didn’t want to bd this morning so I’m going to try to catch him this evening and again on Friday. I think I O’d a couple days ago but just want to be sure.



    i think im gonna get some OPK’s tonight or tomorrow to make sure i O this weekend:) i think id really like to have a girl.. i look at myself as a ‘stay-at-home-aunt’ because i watching my nephew every single day lol so id like a babygirl in the house



    hahaha @agummybear,kno wat u mean hubby feels da same 🙂 i hav da serious munchies…had sum slight cramping in my uterus,n back pain,sooo hoping it pos signs n not AF,im only due for on the19/20,so FX for us all xxx



    i have a 13mo DD and trying for number 2!



    Cd 15 and spotting- possible implantation bleed, but abut early??? Never know, depo has screwed me up!! Really hope so fx fx xxxx



    Hey Sarah! It has been a great weekend 🙂 Just here with my boys getting ready to ride out a wind storm. I am back to work tomorrow though, so my time on the site will be very limited once again 🙁 Did you add pics of your niece to your page after?


    Yeah DM I think I am going to :). And use cough medicine too, god I really hoped this cycle was the one!


    cornwell- lol im in the same position as you! Hubby actually noticed ive been peeing more the past two days and asked why and then thats when it hit me also that i had been. Friday is also when i can test…AF is due sunday



    hey ladies, a few weeks ago there was a recall on some test strips. I wrote down the lot number but lost it… I just got mine in the mail and just wanted to make sure. Can anyone find what the lot number was?



    This is my second year of teaching… last year I taught in a lutheran school (family leave position) and this year I am doing Causal relief work and the Baptist college here in Geelong



    hello again ladies. well i did another Opk awhile agao & im un-sure if its been any change from the last test which i did this morning ?? Ugh,i think its safe to say i completely suck at reading Opk’s :S So here’s another photo,of the this afternoon’s test




    It would be great if everyone got a bfp . And thanks me to, my sister in-law got pregnant twice on her 2nd lot of clomid so I hope im the same haha .



    Hi all,just thought id update on here, and maybe get some reassurance!
    i got my BFP on thrus of last week, everything was amazing, we told each others parents on saturday, and that was when i started bleeding, it was a smear on my tissue, when i wiped, and i just spotted lightly thru the eve, and when i got home about 10ish, there was a bit more blood on the tissue, it stopped over night and had nothing all of sunday, and nothing all of monday until last night, when i was spotting again, and bleeding a tiny bit more, i also had cramps, then it stopped, had awful cramps over night and thought-this is it, its gone, im gonna wake up and its gonna be a mess, only to get to the loo and just have one tiney spot in pad?? went to the loo again later on, and nothing, nothing nothing, until just now, its onli a little bit, and it is only when i wipe, nowhere near enough to fill a pad, and im not clotting….i just have no idea whats going on…i got reffered to the hosp, who then rang me and asked some questions about the blood, heaviness flow etc, and basically they said, if the bleeding gets worse and heavy, like a period, then unfortunately its a miscarrige, if not and it stops, then everythings fine… so now i am in limbo, with all sorts going round head….why is the bleeding quite light, and why does it come and go? do i need to worry? 🙁 youda thought once youve got over the ups n downs of getting preg, it would be pretty stright forward, seems to cause just as much stress!!!



    Just took my last internet cheapie…still positive, still faint though. Residual hcg? Still maybe pregnant? I don’t even know what to hope for now! Will take my last FRER in the am, and if that one turns up positive I’m going in for bloodwork. Would go tonight but hubs is at work, so home alone with 2 kiddos.

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