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    Ok I’m having a dilemma this morning. If AF isn’t here today I’m suppose to start Provera to get her here. But this morning I had the highest temp in the past 50 days. I’m just scared if I start Provera what if I’m in the TWW and not know it? Should I wait? I’m on cd 49 or 50 now.



    Starting a countdown! 3 months until we try again! Had a chem pregnancy last month… we weren’t really trying to get preggo, but we were leaving it to fate. But now we are decided. 3 months! Just so I can pursue my career and dreams a little more before we add another family member.



    neen – it might be i would wait 2 days



    Kaitlynsmummy – I spotted at 9 dpo when I got pregnant last year. It only lasted for about an hour or 2 for me. It was bright red blood, but it was only the tiniest amount on my underwear and on the tp when I used the restroom.



    lol dsquared: sooo true, but my hubby is so protective of his food, I’m lucky I never lost a finger stealing some of his popcorn last night!



    Well AF FINALLY showed up Thursday (only 6 days late….ugh!) but is on her way out the door probably tomorrow!! My doctor put me on my second round of Clomid this cycles, so here’s to hoping it works this month and I get my BFP along with the rest of all you ladies out there! BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!!



    I have a question, I know this week is when I am ovulating today to be exact and so my DH and I have been busy every other day since the 8th so tonight will be another try but my tummy has been feeling like AF is coming but I know that is not coming until next month I believe my cycle is 27. Do you guys have any idea what is going on with my body and I am so very sorry for giving TMI.



    xolblondieox ———– YAY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is good ALLTHE TIME!!!! … hugs



    KmarieH – congrats!! wow that will be awsome to do the test tmrw with you hubby…I think I may possibly do the same. I have to go out as it happens I am not sure if I can resist buying myself a couple of tests at the supermarket since I have to pass it anyway…I might test in the morning by myself and see what the result is…and then depending on what the result is if its a positive I can tell hubby as a present and if its neg I wont bother to much as it could have just been to early to test. But I dont think I can resist having such news to possibly share with him on V day!



    The digital one was one my sister left here and the other was just a cheap Tesco’s one but both with the same result LOL
    Di….you should do it again, be interesting to see and as for hubby’s reaction, well, it’s not like he was unaware we were trying but EVERYTIME it’s the same reaction LOL



    Janet- DH is just as thrilled as I am, he wants to call all our friends and family and tell them the good news but knows it’s best to wait until the ultrasound. LOL, he’s even more excited when I finally shared my prediction that I feel I’m carrying a girl, I knew I was pregnant with a boy when I was pregnant with DS.

    DS just woke up from his nap. THANK YOU AGAIN and BABY DUST to ALL!!!!!!!!!



    I forgot something…I didn’t have like a glob of ewcm in my underwear, but when dh and I bd he had it on him. Can I consider this ewcm?



    you too kingsley!


    Fancie, Well i had a miscarriage and i was hoping that i’d get another BFP right away but i didn’t. I don’t want another November or December baby or a cold month baby at all actually. So ill be leaving untill maybe sep I haven’t decided yet.



    I love the name Cleo so I do too lol

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