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    Ohhh wow, what a weekend of insanity! I am now working three jobs! Seems like the ’employment dust’ I asked for last week is working overtime, and now, so am I! In between working back to back shifts, I found the time – in another dimension I think – to make a new cake (pic three on my profile). Congrats to any BFPs I missed yesterday, and good luck to those testing!



    I think it is going to be an early bedtime for me tonight ladies 🙁 My head hurts, my back hurts, my belly/abdomin hurts, my bbs hurt…. ugh! Now I have runny nose and a scratchy throat! Night All… will catch up on posts in the morning 🙂


    I’m back to ttc this month.. I started trying in june and felt pregnant the whole month (which I knew was weird) and then again all of july.. but at the end of each month AF showed up. I thought I was going crazy giving myself symptoms but after about a week of feeling REALLY tired and gaggy all the time I figured i better go to the dr. and found out I had mono!! geez.. no wonder i felt so bad all summer.. so my dr. made me take this month off (aug.) to make suer my body is healing from the mono.. and now I’m feeling better so think I may go for it this week. I’m on cd8 and going for a girl~ I have 3 adorable boys already and am doing all the ‘girl’ methods.. so we shall see.. I have to try and bb before I ovulate which should be this weekend… anyways~ I thought I’d share my story because I know a lot of you feel pregnant and then start and get super let down… I would have never known I had mono if I didn’t get the blood test and my dr. said my body was too tired fighting mono to get pregnant so if any of you just feel ‘off’ I suggest going in and doing some tests.. it made me feel better knowing I was actually sick and not totally kookoo.. lol.. baby dust girls!!!


    Flutterbi- I can see a line, but it looks colourless :S…. Maybe test again with FMU lol gl hun x


    youngmum~~ Strange dream indeed! I had a weird one last night too but nothing about pregnancy. Its actually very creepy. I was bitten by a spider on my finger but it wouldnt let go and when i took it off finally i was able to squeeze larva out of the whole YUCK right!! And then i went to the doc and the larva that was left had hatched and there were flies in my finger crawling around and they said they couldnt do surgeryt ill they killed the flies but the medicine could also kill me. I was flipping out!



    He he he, Jumana, you and I are in exactly the same place right now!



    Mama2lt- testing at 10DPO.



    when i was pregnant with my twins my hpt showed faint after 5 days late



    Still no sign of af (cd42 of 40) despite heavy boobs, I swear my nips are bigger, slight nausea this morning and mild cramping at night for the past 3. days. If af doesn’t show today it will be my longest cycle ever. Not gonna test until Tuesday if it hasn’t shown by then that is! Temp fell a little two days ago but still higher than normal and holding it’s own. Please let us have great news to bring back from our holiday!



    she needs to get her butt on here so we can talk to her and find out what is going on!



    Yes, let’s have a run on BFPs like we had the other day! As for PI work, right now it is limited to retail loss prevention, but still fun being under cover 😉 In a few months I will be doing more field work where I follow people to make sure they are not cheating on their spouse/workers compensation/etc.



    Jumana, I bled for three days when AF was due on my first baby.. spotting really – pink cm like you. I never knew I was pregnant (did not find out for three more weeks as I thought I had my period). It’s not something to ignore though, and you should see your doctor. try not to stress and remember there are lots of reasons for bleeding in early pregnancy.



    Haaaaahahaha soooo funny lains



    wow 2 kids! Ya got triplets settling in there or what?!! lol, CONGRATS!



    xweegeex i had not had regular cycle so just finished it that day on the 13th. had proper period though with all the cramps and very heavy on 18th but now confussed. i no of evap lines so with it being a just noticable line could either be pos or evap so thought well if it was a pos give it couple days and should be stronger if so. oh and it was noticable straight away within the 5 min time frame. may use a first response this time. good luck to everyone 🙂

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