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    thanks ladies im pretty sure my car may be totaled or close to it but we are safe and thats all that matters



    posted a pic of the latest OPK. I think it’s getting darker! I don’t think it’s a positive yet, but getting closer. Let me know what you all think!



    Good Morning Ladies, I hope you all doing fine. I have a question. I had my AF on Dec. 1st and Jan. 2 and 29 and then March 8 which like 38days the last AF is my average 33 days then does anyone know? or should I count 38 days. I believe this week is my fertile window and I am using OPK so I am hoping that OPK will guide me better than my AF. I really want to be pg next month but I will pray a lot of me and for all of you.



    I miss the kicking. Not the feet in the ribs tho, man does that hurt especially if your walking home from the grocery store with ice cream lol



    Hi girls. I have been OPK testing for 5 days. Now on CD 19 and I think I have ovulated. Just had a temp rise, loads of EWCM in the last few days. Is it possible to get preggo without seeing a LH surge on an OPK?



    im wanting another when should i go off the pill… on a low dose pill… hubby and i are talking about another baby then i will be getting my tubes tied….any suggestions


    Is it normal to get creamy cm i havent noticed it before



    it must be hard millies – esp when it seems to be taking so much longer than anticipated, & with dh being away……i hope it doesnt take too much longer for you, but remember were all here if you wanna vent 🙂


    I was pretty sure i was pg last month and i got my hopes really up and i was devestated when i got my AF



    Thank you, with our first , it took one try and we were pregnant, we’re hoping it happens that fast again but we won’t be devastated if it doesn’t. Our 16 month old will keep me hopping.



    Hi Cleo How are you? I been out with DH so I haven’t done much.



    Morning all its here 9am here in the UK and Im just sat with my coffee and AF has shown her ugly head so heres to July babies lol. I am now charting my cycle as 30 days due to the AF being two days late according to my estimations and well as soon as she leave me and the hubby will be BDing every single day – ovulating or not x I so want this month to be ours x sorry to all those BFN out there and congrats to the BFPs xxx



    Janet, I really like cleo’s view on it…it was BABY DUST!!



    newmama, I ordered preseed and used it this month, 5dpo so we’ll see fingersX!


    cleo , if i were u i might just go to the doctors because they can do a test where it tells u how much hcg is in your system. It may have taken it a while to cycle out. You could get a positive but it not really be one. Sorry i know this just makes you more scared probally , but i don’t want u to freak out for no reason. I am really praying that thing work out okay

Viewing 15 posts - 316 through 330 (of 131,346 total)

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