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    Congrats MyAngelTwins!!!!!!



    mommytoAidan…sounds like you’ll O anytime within the next 24 hours! Get to BDing!!
    Amber…hmmmm…i’m curious to know what that’s all about too! Fx for ya!


    Wow poped in to see what going on and looks like i missed alot lol. CONGRATES SARAH!!!!!good luch on ur tests today diane. Well i had to POAS again and another BFN but i new it would be!! Just hearing all the good new today is making me feel better about my negitive : )



    well, just went pee and when i wiped light af. VERY light but it’s a start. i’m relieved to get this witch started and ended already. so who else is on cd 1??? i need a testing buddy!


    babybum~ I took it apart after I used it LOL, so I could pull out the strip and see if there is something there… Its for sure a line.


    Congrats MrsRoberts & SarahJane, hope its a sticky bean & H&H 9mths to you both. @ Turtle GL, sounds positive for this month FX for the 2WW.
    @LKDream – think you have mistaken me for some else? Me & my family are great thanx for your concernbut i`m from England so no weather problems here…haha

    Well now i`m in my 4th month TTC & on CD2. I’m well stocked up on the clearblue digi OPKs for the next 2mths hoping to sell 1mths worth on ebay :o) haha I hear you girls on the whole ‘hubby’ saga – i`ve told my hubby i`m not telling him when I get my positive this month as he says he feels pressured to perform, which I dont want as his input is well, pretty vital haha so i`ve told him I wont tell him when its O time & i`ll throw a few random BDs in there to put him off the scent haha I mean, the one thing they have to do to feel pressure…really?! haha And we have to go through the rest of the month doing all the worrying – I mean, COME ON REALLY, who are the ones who are really pressured, pur lease!!! haha


    boyoboy – slow here at my work too. i am thinking of convincing my husband to get me pregnant, LOL. I am rotten. *sigh*






    carrieE- test test test!!!



    love reading all your stories keeps me positive… thank you ladies…. still no sign of af… no cramping and creamy CM which is weird and also really sore bb… gonna test sunday again… really wanna test now 🙁



    question? i know some women get the metal taste in their mouth as a symptom, is it kind an iron taste??? does that make sense?



    Yesterday I had a gut feeling that this is my month but then hubby broke his finger and spent all night in ER so now I’m questioning that feeling. I had a whacko cycle as far as BBT goes, possible O date changed 2x’s already on FF (CD8 and CD15) but last couple days I had EWCM and pos OPK, and yesterday my temp dropped so I think I’m good to go. We BD’ed day before last but not yesterday cause the finger deal. FX this month, I just wanna get moving with this.



    browneyedgirl – OH MAN!!!!! I was only having a bit o cramps earlier and now they hurt sooooo bad!!! WT?? Okay I need to ask u a gross question..what is your cm like? I am ALREADY really ‘wet’ and getting clear and thin!!!! (sorry…lol) WTH is going on!! lol!!



    Turtle-omg! $3500 I would die!! I’m so used to my $25 co-pays! I have so many questions about ttc and pcos. (I’m a nurse so technically I should know) but I don’t deal with before the birth and conception stuff! I keep trying to look stuff up but they don’t have the right answers. Am I dumb for waiting till October? Should I just pay the deductible and go?



    congrats jane19

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