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    Baby Beautiful, I didn’t use OPK’s this month, but if my cycle is as last month I’m supposed to be 6DPO today. Close enough? We can be cycle buddies. Congrats mommy to abi, that is def a BFP!!


    S. Amos – Thanks for the advice I will have to check out that book!



    I got a BFP!!!!



    what the heck is a SAHM….lol



    Ask – mamaof2soon3 to invite you!! 🙂 She is an administrator. The group is completely private and noone can even see the group or what you post unless someone adds you to the group! 🙂



    Well I am off.. gotta go get dressed & run some errands.. I will be back on later probably 🙂 Take it easy ladies



    CD16 here but not sure when O, I had a really irregular cycle (18-48 days) before I had DS and have only had 1 AF since he was born. Just wanted to find out how everyone knows when they O’d or if you are just calculating from your cycle. Even tho it took over 2 years to concieve DS I never tracked mycycles other than writing down when AF arrived so was wondering how you all do it?



    south….it is possible to miss ur surge depending on when and how often u were testing but if u say u have an addiction then im sure u couldnt have lol ur cd 17 right?? and u took soy this cycle?


    so sad, waiting. I got on to look up what the update was, since I’m 7 pages behind, & here it was 1st comment. I’ve been praying for her. 🙁



    thanks LaChica, would be pretty cool to get preggo again right away.



    Hi girls! I have a question, as noted before, right around the time of my BFP, I had yellowish, dry, snotty discharge. I’m sure it’s completely normal, but I had to ask…tonight when I wiped, I had a big blob of CLEAR, JELLY-LIKE discharge. Has anyone had it? Is it part of the formation of the mucus plug? And should I be concerned…? Thanks for the help ladies!



    It’s hot here too! In the 90’s but with heat index it feels like 107 (according to the news). Thank goodness for central air!!


    Sorry its there now damnkat


    LaChica26 – I am taking her this weekend for her 3 month pictures and I am going to have them take a picture of her in the cheer leading outfit. I will totally post pictures when I get them!!



    So frustrating eh!! Urg

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