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    Wow really quiet in here today huh ladies? Who all is testing this weekend? — not me!!!! Lol.



    opps i ment to say pad not bad…lol



    Thanks bcalove – it definitely looks positive! I think I’ll buy a bunch this weekend. I was sure I was pregnant in December 2010, and spent about $40 in tests that week (had one positive and then they all went negative – thinking it was probably a chemical pregnancy). I have a good feeling about this cycle, but I don’t want to put us in the poor house if I’m wrong, lol. Thanks for your help!



    Andrea how old are you? Im trying for my 2nd. But my first was unplanned and I hadn’t seen my bf in about 10 months coz I lived 2 hours away and I got pregnant when I came down for a weekend. But it’ll take longer for me now becoz of some medical issues. Were onto our 2nd month of ttc now


    CD6- BD started last night yay, every other night it will be :). (Even though we could go every day I wnt to make sure he has enough spermys ready lol). Just ordered some more OPKs, but if my cycle is like last month I got a while to wait till I O…. Have a gd day ladies :). I’m off to do Zumba tonight I’m so excited x



    Hoping for, i am 21 yrs old and already have one son. he is a yr old on the 9th of sept. We want another, have been trying for a month or so.


    dm-triplets is nothing, u seen the octuplet ladys? most in america, from the drug clomid lol. google it lol



    wantsagirl- FX for you hun!!!!!



    Taylorttc—that is great news. Just make sure he keeps off the caffeine for a lil while and ups on rich vit d and whatever vitamin was suggested foods. He is a man so I am pretty sure he will not take a multivitamin.



    Speaking of cheese we are loving Peccorino atm and I also lashed out last week and bought some imported French Brie, it’s to die for. I lived in France for a year and grew quite fond of the food and their cheese!



    well 11DPO took another test this morning.. another BFN.. And I think i’m making myself see another line… when in reality its not there…. ugh. I have a stupid question — when you have the EWCM does that mean you are ovulating???? thing is I ran out of OPKs and never got a positive result. I did finally get EWCM on CD 17 does that mean I ovulated that day?? if someone can please tell me what exactly that means I would greatly appreciate it 🙂



    wow…. so I’m cramping bigBIG time, and my ovulation calendar says that today is/was O day. i finally talked DH into BDing tonight before he left for work so i hope that did the trick.



    I am so sorry for your loss Lily Hope, baby dust and sticky bean vibes sent your way! Congrats on all the BFP’s ladies, so exciting! I am super frustrated at the moment, CD 40 and after 3 tests still BFN… the last test was yesterday 2 days expected AF. I am not sure why I am late but I have just decided to not focus on it, and just wait for AF. So here is the real kicker…I have been totally obsessing about not getting a positive OPK the last two months even though I was sure I was ovulating! Come to find out the company I ordered my 50 O test strips from sent m 50 HPTs not O test strips! I have been peeing on friging HPTs almost everyday for the past 2 months! I only realized when I was looking to order more today and just happened to notice the description…HPTs have a blue handle, O strips have a green. GAWD!



    Well guys, I am going to try and forget about AF for a little bit and get some much needed work done here at the office. Best of luck and baby dust to all. I am excited to hear of the BFP!!



    Hello ladies… do any of you have any tips for BBT? Thanks in advance.

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