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    Are you overweight? I am.



    Aww, that’s awesome, cdoyle!!



    Comparing the two tests, last nights almost looks darker… so has anyone here ever experienced a similar thing – what was the outcome? Thanks!



    today has been weird. I feel like I am pregnant. I just feel like I know I haven’t gotten a for sure bfp yet, but something inside just says I am. I think the spotting could have just been implantation bleeding. I am having weird sensations in my lower stomache and the bleeding has been over for a while now. can anyone here relate to this feeling I am talking about?



    so since i miscarried last month, i did get my period back, we were told to wait at least 2 periods, but we have been having unprotected sex anyways, except i dont stress over what days ect.. just if it happens it happens, and if i dont fall preggo by next period then the planning begins!!! sex sex sex and more sex!!! lol



    Di~ Hey say your blog and I am probably gonna test todaty some time, but I have felt VERY pregnant. 2ww symptoms have been cramping(sometimes very painful), twinges in abdomin, extremely bloated, back ache, headache, increased CM, nausea, sore BB in just the last couple day, runny nose and VERY MOODY lol. So I will post as soon as I get my results. AF is due this weekend and dont know what DPO.



    MummyYumYum – Answer tests (you can buy them at walmart) seem to be the most effective at showing an early BFP. However be cautious of testing early, just because you test early and it shows a BFP doesn’t mean you won’t have a chemical pregnancy…I think Mendy said it best, it’s better not knowing you were pregnant instead of getting a BFP only to miscarry a couple days later.



    YESSSSSSSSSSS MAVY , i bought tests. First Response Early Result……… peer pressure. lol… Tomorrow I will use fmu and see. it will be 12dpo. Hopefully I will know something POSITIVELY , definative! BACK was just like that upon rising. I feel it as in afraid to move but noooooooooooo I have no pain whatsoever………… and haven’t for most the day……



    I am fine and you?



    hey luzzan, i think mine mite have been stress related, we wer going on holiday and i spent most of the time panicing about going then when we got there spent most of the time running around after my daughter. im just not so sure as i could be 28day cycle for 3months then 34 then 28 for another month then 31. its mad however it usually stays around 28, so im just hoping my calculatin was rite and we B’D at the rite time. Hope u got ur dates all rite and this month it hapens for u and me.

    also bgcoobyluver thanks for wishin me luck, hope it hapens il test on monday then thursday if i still havnt seen nething.



    Hi everyone! just stopping by before dinner 🙂



    Hi there just popped in to say to all of you in ur fertile window like me, go for it!!! Bding like a women demented 😉 wish me luck x baby dust to u all x



    ok so 10 dpo and woke up feeling nausea, and cramping. Ughhh I feel really sick!! 🙁


    Good friday ladies!!! Congrats on the BFP’S!!!!! Well im 7dpo today and my temp dropped big time….sooo still a lil crampy my lmp was august 5th so not tooo sure when i should start (hope not!) but gonna test next week 😉



    lol, I hear ya, it was hard to get hubby up to get DS this morning

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