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    My little girl furbaby arrives this saturday!!!! I can’t wait 🙂 We’re naming her mercedes since we already have a boy named Bentley


    babedci .. I am just going with how someone answered my question .. if it was full flow Monday would be cd1? I think



    hello ladies: I have not posted for awhile but have read the posts. I was pg 2 years ago lost the baby at 15 weeks and almost lost my life. But time has past and I started a job that was so stressful. well I hurt my back went out on disability and thought ok less stress this could be my time. . Well my fiance gets sick with pancreititus. It has been 5 mos and he keeps having attacks. I am so depressed and I dont want to sound selfish but this was suppose to be the time for me to get pg again. and all I do is stress over him. I am so sad because I really want to try to get pg again. I get mad at him. I am 42 so times a ticken. I dont no why it has to be this way. I just needed to vent I wish you all the BFPS in the world



    hey girls started charting last night. i am 22 days post mc and got my 1st o pain last night and woke up with it this morn as well. cervix: high and soft, cm: egg white and stretchy, temp: 36.4 (only my 1st so dunno if its up or down) and my 1st opk strip was neg. so my question is for those of you that get o pains is it before, during or after the egg is released?



    hi ladies I am from the ttc after loss page and have a question for those of you who have had progesterone levels tested. My nurse called and said my levels were 0.97. I don’t know if that is good or not. My doctor was out but she just wanted to let me know they were in and I asked for the number. Any thoughts?



    Hey ladies 10 days till af is due if i am going off of last months cycle. last night i had the most vivid dream that i was pregnant. lets hope thats a sign.


    I’m on CD 23 and 11 or 12 DPO



    Welcome need a boy. Ugh. I feel like a pos. Opk is never going to come…lol. Alicia, I think I’m catching up to ur 70…lol.



    The internet cheapies are good tests for sensitivity (usually 10 – 20 mIU) but they are also the most likely to have a problem with ‘poor construction’ that might lead to a false negative/positive result. You may get spotty results on all tests if you are testing before AF is due. Until you have a consistent level of 50 mIU hCG in your pee, different tests taken at different times of day may yield different results! Dollar tests are usually sensitive to 25 mIU and digitals at 50 mIU



    DeaS that’s right I did have 4days of strong possitive opk and three days after that of still solid bright lines. I did. Concieve that cycle on the first day of my first possitive good luck to you!!!


    hmmm well I will see in the morning then ty for the help haha


    Waiting-my heart truely goes out to ur friend and her family. FX she can go onto have a H and H next pregnancy. Just makes us all realise how lucky we should all be aye. Me I’m CD 73. Every bathroom trip I’m hoping ill see AF lol



    well we wernt trying i havent been on the pill since december …. and its just happened like 6/7 months later


    elizeT- yeah i hope that with clomid it will make my cycles shorter too lol. keegansmommy-im sorry i dont know your answer to ur Q but have u tested?? its CD3 AF has come full blown this cyce, which im fine with as its been a long time coming haha, it actually feels nice to have an AF for once lol. so last niht i took the 1st pill and havnt had any side effects as of yet TOUCHES WOOD lol. have a gd day ladies and gl to whoever is testing xx


    When I was pregnant with my DD my due day was June 5th but when they started mesuring my belly I always was always 2 weeks bigger they never changed my due date but Ava was born May 18th 2 1/2 weeks before her due date) I thought that was interesting!!

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