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    Abigails Mommy – Thanks, that could actually be the problem. We talked to our doctor on ways to limit the Nuk and he suggested week by week cutting a little off the Nuk until the child looses interest . I believe we started that on wed or thurs, stupid me didn’t even consider that. I think I’m still going to move his bedtime back half an hour since he is getting older, hopefully give him a little extra time to run some engery off.



    Funny how everyone’s taking about psychics and we talked about this in psychology last week. My teacher said ‘if psychics really knew what they were talking about then why do they always ask so many questions about ur life before telling stuff u want to hear?’ To me its all for entertainment purposes…



    JANET- some girls are different– but i know when i ovulate i get this lil tingle in my tummy. kinda like cramps but not as strong



    So, we booked a holiday today which I am VERY excited about, my son is gunna LOVE it!! We go 1st sept!! Im hoping my excitement about our holiday is gunna take my mind off babies for a while, and you never know i’ll probably fall pregnant whilst not thinking about it lol!!! At the same time im hoping to postpone the pregnancy til after so I can make the most of the free bar ha ha ha :- ) x



    bnl – get an appoint with ur dr asap. It is probably nothing but best to get checked out. When i m/c the blood was very brown.



    I have been on 28 day cycles so was supposed to start yesterday, but no show, I know I ovulated a week late so I am not sure if af will be a week late or not any girls have this happen??? Thnks and baby dust to all!!!:)


    Hello I am here!



    Hey ladies… I had implanon removed June 13 after having it in for about 4 1/2 months. I still haven’t had a period… last night I squeezed my breast and some colostrum came out… I stopped BF about 4 months ago…could I be pregnant? I took a test last night and it had a faint line, almost like it was a trick of the light. I guess I’m just a little nervous because my body hasn’t been regular since giving birth, so I’m unsure about when I was ovulating and etc.



    Good night ladies. My contacts are getting dry and I am getting a headache from the computer.


    Xuxa—-GOOD QUESTION!!! I want to know the answer to that one too!!!



    DAWN- Thats wut i think i’mma just do. I’m bout to step out real quickly tho. i am hungry again. have my granny stop and get me that big box meal from kfc. lol fo real. thanks for the words



    I actually buy my tests on eBay and they are 50 for 12 dollars, with free shipping. Let me find the link.



    terrapin- with my first when i was pregnant i thought AF was coming everyday so i didnt think i was pg.. but the cramping was more noticable than normal.. good luck



    toveandbrody: I asked my doctor the same thing. I asked if your breast and nipples hurt and are tender during ovulation or after? She said it’s really hard to know, that the best way is ovulation kits.. I think from my experience is that breast hurt on ovulation day and then after because of the progesterone during the lutheal phase..



    Abigails Mommy – GOOD MORNING {big wave}. Ha-ha, I’d LOVE to still be sleeping at 3:45 am, but I work part time (M-F 5am-10am) for a local print shop and my husband works from home until I arrive at 10:15 am and then he’ll go into work. I do graphic design freelance work during my son’s nap time, the part time work ensures I have a regular steady paycheck, the bills are getting paid and we have a little extra spending cash. The things we do for our children ;0)

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