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    oh well at least u get a maybe!!! they wouldn’t tell us at all unless ur high risk….i went to UC baby to find out and then ended up on the 7th floor ( high risk) during my 38th week and they confirmed she was a girl, sooo i wasted 200 bucks but hey, it was worth it!!!



    So tested again to day its 14 dpo and either one or two days before af is due and I used a first response test you can see the cut line for the possitive line but it didn’t turn pink so i take it that it is a negative test? I never had that happen to me with a first response test. As of lastnight my cervix was still high and soft and my bb still hurt badly


    Arctic im soooooooooo amazing – have a read of my latest blog and you will see why : )



    Ughhh. I’m sooo upset and feeling let down at the moment. I’m home alone, no kids..they are at the grandparents tonight and DH and working for a couple hours yet…anyways, I’ve told most of my close friends that I’m expecting and it’s not the reactions that I was looking for..I feel like some of my friends are jealous or upset that I’m pregnant..I can sense it..I just told a friend that I was expecting and she tells me ‘most people don’t make it past 8-10 weeks, but I’ll pray for you.’ Are you serious?? You don’t tell someone that, I mean..I’m not close with her…but she announced she was pregnant and I said that I am right behind her..otherwise I wouldn’t have even told her.
    Well…my BFF is like..I think people are jealous of have the perfect family.***I admit I am blessed but we are FAR from perfect…I just don’t get why my friends are being so shady during this special time? I wonder is it because I’m going to have 3 kids and some of them don’t have any??

    Sorry, I just need to vent..and I knew this is a supportive group of ladies!



    lol sarah i think ur cd14, cuz thats what i am



    rylans…that is great news!



    at the moment it is too cold to BD everynight, I hate winter!!!!! then it is too hot in summer to BD everynight, it is a wonder that us Aussies get preggo at all!!!!



    i wud wait crazy, just to save the disappointment incase ur too early xx


    Well, Im personally on cd 23 and after a rough morning with some residents that are combative I am too pooped and a little crampy every now and then since getting home an hour ago. I just checked my cp and Im low, and closed and very firm and my cm is creamy but yet barely there, sorry if way TMI. Im not sure if Im crampy cause its pms or because I had a good work out this morning…Youd be surprised the amount of fight someone in their 80s still has…I hate being the one to wake the residents on my hall up, but someone has to do it. Im rambling sorry.



    Has anyone fine the trigger shot what should I expect from it and does it work or increase your chances of twins



    nunu…i was on those when i concieved my DD lol



    Mommy2one i’ve read somewherethat if you take vitamin c (not sure how many mg) you can induce your period. I’ve done this before and it has worked. Obvioulsy check to see if are preg. Vonne iyt is possible to get a show with ovulation ans with implantation so either way its possibly a great sign for you. As for me i’ve decided just to relax about getting preg. I’m wanting a girl but i think i’d be very happy with a happy healthy baby like the 2 i’ve got. I’m taking prenat vit and have been for months in prep for getting preg. I was feeling run down last month and just had a touch of a stomach flu yesterday so i hope my body is ready to get preg. I feel more emotionally ready this month where last month i was a little unsure if i was ready for another baby. Glad to hear about some BFP, baby dust to all xo



    tbt – did clomid make u ovulate???


    crazy ~ i’d go get some cheapies til AF shows up or you geta positive than get a better test to confirm it. i also read and checked out pics on FF and it looks like OPKs can detect pregnancy before HPT’s. the OPK’s just HAVE to be darker than the control line but i’ve seen them read as early as DPO7



    Wannabe– Did you use the early hpt?

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