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    momof2tobsoon ~~ Not much just poking fun at our MIL’s lol! How are you???



    The time zone things sucks! I just miss most ttc’s. And have to read 14 pages every morning just to catch up on what’s been going on! So funny reading the comments when someone is testing. Oooh the anticipation. I am still laughing at Cleo tucking the test under her jumper at work only to get 2 errors. That is the sort of stuff that happens to me!



    I’m so sorry sweetie. I’m also with you at CD2. On to the next cycle…



    Lia at 9 DPO, don’t be let down by a negative HPT, expecially if you took it yesterday. If pregnant, the egg would just be implanting in the last day or so, meaning there is very little hCG (if any) in your system. Apparently the hCG for multiples does not cause any extra symptoms. If you’ve been dreaming about it or having early symptoms, you might have an ‘intuition’ that you’re pregnant… some women just ‘know’ – or your brain might be sending signals to your body to trick it into thinking it’s pregnant when it’s not – yup, our brains do that when were TTC… mean huh?



    That’s crazy about that guy with all those children. I always think it’s interesting when ppl have multiples, but think it would be exhausting! ha



    I’m super happy fun awesome – lol, hubby comes home today, and I have not yet ovulated, so we didn’t miss the boat!!



    So…tonight I decided to let go of the fear of another BFN and I tested, and there is a faint 2nd line! I also feel like something is different, which is why I decided to test. I’ll test again in a couple days, but I am pretty sure I am pregnant! A line is a line! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!



    Sarah, did you see the ghost line before the 10 minutes was up?


    i’m hoping to actually quit smoking for good next time on preggers. i quit when i found out i was pregnant with my DD and while i was breastfeeding but started up again



    sarah-OMG did you get a BFP???



    Funny story from work last night. I was posted in a local drug store (I do security/loss prevention in the evenings to help make ends meet), and a young man came in (about 25 years old). He looked tired, and frustrated – someone who drew my attention to keep an eye on him. He goes to the diaper section and picks up a pack of size 4 diapers, and a pack of size 1 diapers (that explains the tired/frustrated look!) and THEN goes over to the PREGNANCY TEST section – now looking completely terrified – he selects a box of First Response (good choice, thinks I) and then he notices that I am down the isle from him. He brushes his hands through his hair and says ‘Please, oh please, pray that I am not in here in nine months buying THREE different sizes of diapers!!’ It’s funny to see the other side of the family planning coin sometimes ‘absolutely NOT TTC’ 😉



    Good morning girls!!! Hope we have some bfp today!!



    Hello ladies. I have not been around much for the last few days. Hope everyone is doing well. Any big news that i have missed?? Quick question … I had a +OPK 6 days ago.. Had my ovary cramps and all that jazz. I started having the crmping again and another VERY +OPK. Did I O again? Is that common or even possible??



    ill keep my fingers crossed for it!


    i woke up wanting to throw up, i always get like this with all my pregnancy’s so hopefully its good news 🙂 i will wait to test on saturday though =D

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