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    well just got my period so its time to start making baby #2!!!



    Crystal…..FF said I have a possible Triphasic chart too and I just had some spotting yesturday….Dont give up yet….Keep trying your only 11DPO maybe give it a coule days and test again? Idk…You knwo your body. You’ll get it!



    sherry- yeah, feeling a bit qweasy lately, having tmi-diahrrea, face is breaking out..alot more gassy, fatigue. cant tell if its pms or early signs. testing again tomorrow with fmu.



    I just can’t believe OPK are so expensive and it sounds like they don’t work! so you never get a positive and it looks like i always have a positive



    Well there are some plusses to that mavy. My ex who died in 06 actually knew my great grandparents from hischildhood ( HOLLYWOOD )Now with my hubby now, I knew most of his kin from my favorite breakfast spot in LaBelle before I met him. He was managing the motel in same complex. 😀 And 6 .5 years later. Here we are… I loved having family around all the time. In general, it’s very convenient! BUT YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!! you have to set boundaries…



    I just got off the phone with the lab, my level from Wed was 106 and today it was 169, it didn’t double however she thinks because I was tested at 4:30pm on Wed and 10:45 today that could be the difference. I’m waiting to hear back from my doctor on whether it’s all good, I need an ultrasound or just another hCG test on Monday. The lab PROMISED to call back today after my doctor is done seeing patients.



    Thanks lizzy! Noted! And good luck trying for #6!!



    My little man just woke up – time to play – catch you all later!



    kayla-1st-time-mommy – I am going to test on Wednesday if AF hasn’t shown her ugly head by then.

    refinnejlee – I dont remember it with my 3 either but just getting my hopes up i think and looking into everything too much.



    hi ladies



    Yay for all the BFPs! Keep em coming.



    I agree!! She’s always half dressed and I don’t get that either hehe


    Only….cm has been stretchy clear/creamy (sorry tmi) – i was soooo excited this morning and now feel deflated. I am sure i read on here that if you do a test after receiving a positive and its negative you wont ovualate? My first real bit of excitment since joining the site (CD22) and not sure if its real!!



    CD10 for me. It was a BFN this morning with IC. Felt all day like my insides were bruised very odd feeling…We havent BD recently so its not that. I am so emotional though. I get like this during PMS :/ I seriously have been dealing with the terrible twos like nobodys business and today I just went in the bathroom and broke down on the phone with my mom. She is testing my every nerve morning and night then the next minute she is completely fine. I balled like a baby and now I am better. Weird!!! Because I never get stressed or feel like I cant handle her. I hope she gets through this phase very fast (and I heard 3 is worse lol ahhhh) Boo to any AF or BFN!! Someone needs to bring this forum a BFP!!!



    baby-beiler – Your story CRACKED me up. I had a similar experience when I brought my dd and her 2 friends with me shopping (mine is 2 and her 2 friends are 3)….and well, I was buying OPK and preggie tests…while I was reviewing the family planning section my dd says out loud ‘mommy loves those boxes, she buys lots’….a women next to me buying tampons looked SHOCKED…and you could see the look on her face was like ‘oh no another Octp-mom’ So, of course I had to enjoy the moment and said ‘You know how much momma loves her babies’ LOL

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