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    Hmmm.. then I’m probably just getting cramps for the first time after 15 years lol. I swear AF has its own mind!



    Monica, I had that happen to me about 8 years ago. I bled for a month! Turns out my electrolytes, potassium, iron and B levels were off, on top of anemia. It was stress, and weight loss that brought it on for me. My estrogen level at the time was also quite high (blood work revealed all these issues). I would see your dr. and ask for blood workup if the bleeding lasts more than a couple of days. Likely just need a vitamin supplement of some sort. I ended up on major iron pills and electrolyte replacement. (lol – Gatorade, lots of it)!



    I think I’m going to invent a BFP dance… all you would have to do is wiggle you butt and wave your arms hard enough in a certain way after BD, and BAM you’d be preggo. And then your belly button would pop out to confirm it! All within 48 hours… But then would that even be fast enough?! lol XD



    My husband worked night shift when my oldest was about 1yr old. He worked during the day before that. I remember it being a hard transition at first. I didn’t like being home at night w/out him. Right around the time I was adjusting to the change he switched back to days. He now works 11+ hours/day. He doesn’t get home until almost 7pm most nights. I don’t like it, feels like I never see him.



    hi jumana i see you were using the fertility moniter too your symtoms sound promising heres hoping you get your bfp this month good luck x



    just wondering what any of u guys think, i had my coil removed 1st sept and had some light spotting after it then started to bleed 7th sept but only up until the 10th late at night then it gradually stopped at night, would u say this was AF or not i just want it to come then i know things are getting back to normal



    Cleooooo- Yayyyy congrats girl!! now give us the story pls! we’re dying here!



    Oops – I meant Cycle Day 10, not 10 DPO!



    Janet – did you just bled for the one day? Today is the day my AF is coming…I tested yesterday and got a BFN so now I wait again. Patience is not one of my virtues right now 🙂



    2b1g. I have had the same thing over the last 3 days…light period like cramps. I think that mine are going to be just that, period cramps. I will let you knwo in 6 days time!!!..:):)


    I have no clue. I think she either deleted her page or she got deleted.



    terrac – every pregnancy can be diff so you might find all your early symptoms arent the same as last time – I would defo take a HPT if you’ve not done so already – if you have & got a BFN maybe you could ask for a blood test?



    xwee – I’ll cross my fingers for you for this cycle! So if I got a + OPK yesterday and this morning, tomorrow would be considered the day of O and then the next day would be my 1 dpo? AMC – I was using just rite aid generic brand OPK and they worked fine this month and it was only my first month using them.


    Thanks gals! Very exciting-but staying grounded at the same time……Im very very very eager to see what embbies *if any*touch wood* make the thaw, so baby steps. i will have more info after the ultrasound tomorrow when i get to see my RE again, i havnt seen him since i was 8 weeks pregnant with the twins.



    Hoping many more of us will be joining you soon!

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