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    emma31-my OPK was positive today, and yesterday morning I had EWCM and then last night it was thick.


    Extra baby dust… we totally all need it!



    Lol the name is actually from when I was preg with my daughter but she was stubborn and came in July but totally works now and I don’t have to change it 🙂 good luck to all you ladies and hope to see you in the pregnant weeks soon!


    Diane you r my new google : )



    didn’t get to bd again lastnight so hopefully just doing it in the am yesturdeay was good enough we did it thursday night also so fingers crossed!! Hope everyone has a great new years!!!!



    Oh, I see Aprilsf got a BFP – CONGRATS!



    Hey Weegee….you also sick? shame hun…get better soon…. I just finished my antibiotics and am still coughing my guts out!



    awww, don’t worry about that Diane! We all know what that is like;)



    So decided to break and use my FRER last night and got the faintest line. Like so super faint that my DH looked and said ‘whatever you think’ haha. I went and got a couple more this morning and used one with my saved FMU and again the super super faint line. I’m not accepting this as a BFP so I will wait until I get the 25 test strips in the mail (hopefully monday) and use them because they were $9 for 25. If I get a positive I may have 24 test strips to mail out to anyone who wants them in Canada. Fingers and toes crossed! Oh also I notice that the veins in my legs are popping out a lot more than they used to, my 3 year old told me I had blue snakes in my legs haha, is this a normal preg. symptom or possibly something different?



    Dorian was on my list for my son (I love the show Scrubs, and the lead guy is John Dorian) but hubby did not bite… For my next, I’m thinking Daniel for a boy or Teagan for a girl.



    10 dpo is early anyways monsta! So I am a little lost on my chart info today! BIG dip out of nowhere and I had thought I was starting my period yesterday, but today for the first time in a while, I am truly not even spotting. No cramping, no period symptoms… But I am having highly irregular cycles right now so I guess that it could just be that.



    Cpalmer: threw your back out, ‘eh? Sounds like you had fun in the process! lol – and yes, as always as Ashley said, when in doubt, BD!


    rylansmommy23~got it…thats probably why I didnt understand.. Keeping my figers crossed for you!!!



    I’m so happy I got to add HollyV to my BFP Blog! Congrats girl!!


    lovin mom and clomid expensive? Does it make you ovulate more?? How long did it take for you to get preg with your first?

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