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    Do any of you have a DH or SO that is (or has been) severely depressed?



    I need some help ladies! I have been taking OPK’s for a month or so. Usually I take them once a day, but the last two days I’ve take 2 a day. The 2nd one I took today was noticeably darker than the first. I don’t think it’s a + yet, but does taking them twice a day matter? I didn’t think I was suppose to ovulation until early next week! I posted some pics. They’re on the last page. Let me know what you think PLEASE!



    the stores around have all been out of the 20 day opks and i never have luck with 7 day ones. I also don’t have luck with CM tests or Basil temps. So DH and I have decided to BD every night until AF shows or should then test. anyone else having to do the same?



    TMI ALERT!! I thought af had came earlier but it was a big massive bit of pinkish/brown cm & Wen I say massive I mean massive, it was hanging down (sorry TMI) iv NEVER had this before….still no ‘blood’ hmmm lol



    k thanks diane!



    So random question. If your partner couldn’t have a baby would you feel good about getting a sperm doner if he was okay with it? Would you just adopt?



    Okay help me please……. I’m 11 DPO and I am having an ‘imagined’ symptom (possibly). All I can smell today and yesterday is my cat’s food. Oh and I can also smell his litter box. I cleaned it this morning so it’s not dirty. I never even linked this to pregnancy until my husband came in and said he couldn’t smell anything (men??). He said perhaps you are ‘knocked up’. (Nice). Anyone any thoughts on this? I’m going to try a test tomorrow 12 DPO. I have the wee blue test sticks off the internet and I don’t know how much faith to put in them. They are supposed to be good for testing really early.



    weegee- sorry bout the biotch coming to visit! =( we will miss you if you stop coming here but we all understand! I’m in the same boat with the trying but not trying. Although, I am still planning on taking my OPKs and temping. I already bought the opk’s and if there is an issue it will be good to have some info to give to the doc.


    sorry yh is yeah im tyoing fast so i dont miss mummys return



    How do you know when you ovulate? May sound like a dumb question.



    and owens the only thing i remember about your bfp is that i got mine the same day and had the same due date as yours but i miscarried i dont remember cleo getting hers untill later



    I dont understand the temp thing as I have never done it x what is your temp meant to be and do you do it before BDing ????



    i had DD almost 10 months ago and i’m still all dry, it sucks! lol


    mummy- i would test amyway hehe, ur 12DPO, it should show up on a test, and if its a BFN then u can have a drink tonight to celebrate NY…



    Wow! Sarah- i wish it was 7:30. Its only 1:45 and i really wanna call it a day and go home!

Viewing 15 posts - 34,681 through 34,695 (of 131,346 total)

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