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    AF was due today im sure of it lol. she hasnt arrived, had some red imged CM today just after lunch but nothing since…. IF AF doesnt show tomorrow i am testing lol. ill catch my FMU just in case lol..



    i meant rise!!! lol



    I’m definitely interested to see how this works out! I didn’t realize that a dip could mean implantation – not getting my hopes up, but good news nonetheless! I went out on my lunch break and bought half a dozen dollar store HPT’s – might test in a day or two since I have spares now. 🙂



    isnt soy a natural version of clomid? dont think they should be taken together though



    Thanks Taylor… well I guess I’m confused as to when I ovulated. Because I been counting DPO since the day I had the EWCM…. so maybe its too soon to be testing with a HPT.



    Ladies i am DESPERATE for an answer…Just for like the last week i have been having tummy pains. I started to think that maybe i was pregnant again but because i had a MC 3 weeks ago i am still testing positive from that pregnancy. Well today after sex i started having sever tummy cramps that turned into labor pains where i couldnt even talk from being in so much pain! I couldnt move cuz of all the pain. I mean this was like trying to give birth i thought maybe i was gonna have another mc…my butt was under pressure so bad and i had poking pains and strong contractions. do i have some infection like bladder thats causing this cuz i have small pains when i pee sometimes. Or maybe something else please help im still in major pain! I took a hot hot bath my body was red but i couldnt feel it cuz the pains were so bad. I took 2 tylenol with codien the stuff you get afterbirth. I dont know what to do!!! sorry if i dont make sence i can barely think right now cuz im so drowsy from the codein…Please any suggestions tho..could i be pregnant?



    12 DPO here. Took a HPT with FMU and got a BFN. I feel sooooo discouraged. Just waiting on AF now 🙁 On to month 11 of TTC. I am thinking about trying a more laid back approach this month.


    Yes ma’am we do — who all is testing soon?



    My legs hurt a little yesterday today they don’t hurt but my hips sure do.



    ok nice chatting Saza hope to chat you again..



    Bahaha taylor. I am still scared to try the soft cups again. Your bravery might change my mind. dawnofbaby you can get them with all the other sanitary products. They are just a small box burried amongst it all. Welcome to the newcomers 🙂 Babedci I think you will feel a lot better when AF is long past due. I would be worried about it too but soon enough you will be able to get excited about it 🙂 I think AF is finally leaving the building. I wonder how long this cycle will be for me. I am taking 180MG of vitex every evening along with my vitamines. if I want to extend my lutheal phase when do I start taking b6? Now? I am going to leave a light on in my room from cd10-18. I really think I am not getting pregnant because my cycles are wonky. I have lots of cm and we have been bding at all the right times. The my cycles since having grace have been 43,29,44,55,43,43,51,32,32,63,75, and the last one was 54. On my 32 day cycles I would get AF on 10dpo, otherwise its often 12 dpo for the temp drop and 13 for af. I tried to find vitex drops but can’t seem to find any anywhere.



    tbt – lol thats funny u came to rat yourself out !!



    Kristy- I’m so sorry, I hope everything works out for you and your family. Take care xoxoxo



    I’m grouchy and my mood swings are getting to me. someone tell me a joke and cheer me up! =)


    @DawnOfBaby2Please I work at a clinch where I’m the sonographer and I go to school for sonography school us where I do the bulk of my scans I turn the screen lay down and scan lol ill have someone record me tomo so u gals can see I think I can post videos here. Anywho if any of u ladies are in the los Angeles region I might be able to do some free ultrasounds 🙂

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