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    @ lilpas – Your prob right and coming off BC has messed things up but I would check it out with your doc to make sure. I came off BC 28/3 and got a 32 day cycle till my next AF, I’ve never had anything longer that 28 days so got all my hopes up for it not to be, I had 1-2 heavy days and the rest was very light, not what was expecting at all.



    Thank you alliegirl



    ME too! but at only 4 weeks, there shouldn’t BE any stretchy pains…yet…right? 🙁 keeping my fingers crossed…



    Hopefully all these BFPs are a start of a BPF train!!! It would be nice for all of us to move on together!!!



    DIANE – have you got all your questions written out for the appointment next week? You must be so happy that you finally get to talk to someone about this and have some more tests etc. Fingers crossed for you.


    CD9 today and I feel very normal. I think thats about how I felt when I got preg with my DD but it’s also making me try and be a bit more cautious in my hoping. I guess I’ll find out soon. FX for all of us 🙂



    hoping – good luck on your pumpkin making haha



    Sorry that there isn’t much positive news in here right now (except for Alohamom, glad to hear that DH should be flying home at the perfect time!) I hope lil.pigz is right and we all move onto the weeklies next month. AF has been super heavy this month, which is actually a bit of a relief because I think it means that clomid hasn’t thinned my lining. Hoping that the first round ‘fixed’ my cycle and that the second round will bring a BFP.



    they are normally 31 days long. but im breastfeeding so i thought maybe that was causing the long cycle even though this is the first irregular one since i had my son



    Sorry about all the typos my phone is lame. Hope you can understand what I wrote.



    How early can you start getting symptoms? I know everyone is different, but just wondered.



    Terriann20 – I hope af stays away for you 🙂

    Cd12 here and I think my cm is starting to change, but it is kinda hard to tell. We are just gonna keep bding!



    Anna, could be either…I know the suspense is KILLING YOU! But you’ve only stopped contraception 5 weeks ago so it could take your body a few months to adjust. Theres just no way for anyone to be able to say if that’s implantation or your body gearing up for it’s natural cycle.
    Congrats on the health commitment supermama 🙂 losing weight & staying in shape isn’t easy



    Well got a first response today. BFN… Oh well not due til sat anyway



    hi ladies, i havent been in all day, today was my sons first birthday and we had a party, i was soooo busy, but something weird happened. i told my aunt and grandma that i had a suprise for them. and they said they thought they already knew what it was, that they had been talking about it on the way up here. i asked what, and they asked if i was pregnant again! the suprise was that i was going to try on my wedding dress for them and show them (im getting married in two weeks) but maybe its a sign?? like they are kinda psychic or something?? maybe i will get BFP this month!!!! lol im just wishful thinking…

Viewing 15 posts - 34,981 through 34,995 (of 131,346 total)

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