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    Good luck MOMIIB and Rachie83. 🙂



    Yeh girls my body is gay haha .. Kayce, im 24 dpo and getting bfn



    11 dpo and I got a pos hpt this morning!!!!! so unexpected as I have no symptoms just thought id test for the heck of it but got a good surprise 🙂 go to the dr tomorrow to confirm and to check my progestrogen levels/ start shots.



    Ok so iv im not pregnant then I duno what’s up I woke up ran to the toilet and nearly threw up I was like dry reaching haha I couldn’t even get my temp this morning coz I was in there for a good 5-10 mins. Oh well todays I big da hey. Im kinda loosing track of my cycle haha pretty sure im cd 44 26dpo and 12 days late for af. Will let u ladies know as soon as I do won’t be til later on today but. Tahlias going to child care today for the first time im very nervous hehe



    Congrats Ssierra and Morgana!!



    girls i have a question. I have had sore boobs and super sensitive nipples for about a week and a half. today in the morning they wrent so sore but now the kinda hurt again but too bad. Is this still a good sign. Im due for af on wed. usually my boobs dont hurt for this long



    another BFN again 🙁 woke up to an abundance of EWCM on saturday so i went out and got some HPT’s, checked cervix and it was higher than ever …yesterday still EWCM.. this morning,EWCM and cerix is abit lower than yesterday … currently on CD43 and no symptoms of anything other than strain on my lower back.. AF has never taken this long to show .. My partner and i BD every other day .. really confused, any comments ladies??? @myangel – congrats on your BFP hun 🙂



    That’s the best time to take BBT Samantha. Because you are new to temping, it’s hard to say what a ‘good’ non-period AF temperature. I’ve seen BFPs with temps in the low 97s, closer to 98 is more common, but not mandatory. It’s important to temp in the morning before getting out of bed – try to temp the same time each morning too, because once you are up and moving your temp shoots up quickly, and does not reflect your true BBT.



    4girls- it was a neat experiment. I did it 10 times. In exact order I got AF, BFP, AF, BFP, AF, AF, AF, AF, AF, AF. Since its my second month ttc, I’m hoping just like the cards, I get my BFP the second time around 🙂



    If you have a faint line on a dollar test, usually your hCG will be above 50 the following morning, or at most, the morning after.


    Thanks Duffy good to know. I’m just learning about all this ovulation stuff in my early 30s. With my first child it was 3 weeks after my wedding I found out I was pregnant! didn’t click I had ovulated during my honeymoon week. And I was a virgin when I got married. So it happened so quickly I didn’t even get a chance to experience ttc like now.


    Sunday Monday and Tuesday!



    I’m sooo down!!! I just feel like alone and DH doesn’t get it. I asked if I could pls check out his computer for a bit and he said no.



    Well I’m a day late. I’ve been feeling really sick to my stomach at night (I had night sickness instead of morning sickness with my first child) and the last two days have had heartburn (which also started before I realized I was pregnant with my first child). I’m trying not to be a POAS addict and just be patient a few more days, but it’s hard to be patient!



    Hey dont know how to change my username from my email but I still have a while till I test…I think I ovulatedon tuesday so maybe next weekend some time? Where do u ladies buy your ovulation tests Iin bulk?

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