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    Hello ladies! Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating it today!! (in Canada, Turkey Day is in October) Good luck to all testing or about to ovulate – I hope you get your BFP this cycle! For anyone who go the dreaded BFN or AF – hang in there!!



    Last post (I think). Realizing how much I’m hoping for success this month. If af comes, I think it will be very rough on me. Not ready to have a period yet. Wanna be pregnant again after losing one last month. My cousin that always has babies close to me and is due a week before my angelbaby’s due date just made it official on Facebook today. So incredibly happy for her, but it brought back the sadness I’ve been fighting. Please let this month work.



    natnat – have you been taking the pill on time every day? is the the ‘mini’ pill, or the combo hormone pill? Did you take any medications or have ‘bathroom issues’ with bowel movements/throwing up? Sorry so many questions, but if anything reduced the effectiveness of you pill, there is a possibility you ovulated. If you kept taking the pill, there is a chance the egg may or may not implant. If you don’t get your period on time, no harm in taking a test to rule out pregnancy.



    mommasarah1109: Thanks! Good Luck 🙂 cramping at 7dpo is a good sign of implantation :))



    Hey ladies, I am still stalking. After last cycle and even more traumatizing bosses VISIT and reviews. He seems happy with my work. BUT seems to have attitude towards hubby.
    I am here tho, and wanted to share I am on cycle day 20, 10 dpo and chart saying possibly triphasic. Take care, I can’t keep up with forum right now . SORRY but wanted to let yall know I was thinkin about you ALL. BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND LOTS of HUGS where needed or not!



    Nixsa I’m sorry you had a sad moment. I did too and I’m 15dpo but I already knew but still didn’t stop me from crying.i send you a big hug



    I found 2 more PG tests in my cupboard!! That means I have 6 so I may test tomorrow even though I’ll only be 9 DPO just for the heck of it!



    Hi ladies!! I’ll be back for january…. If my cycle is normal this month then i should start AF on the 2nd and ovulate around the 17th… Praying and Hoping for our sticky baby and no more losses 🙂 HERES TO 2014!



    Yeah even my blood results was low I was hoping it was because I was so early. But with everything else. It looks like its not gonna happen. I posted a picture of my new tests in my pictures. The top one is yesterdays darker one the middle one is the latest one today at 5am and the bottom one is from 1 am. They are definatly getting lighter.



    Xobrittany- I think we are on the same exact cycle! I hope we get bfp this time! I am on cd 7, started clomid cd 5-9! I ovulation date should be the 17th, ed oct 10th, I really hope this is!!

    I bought preseed today, taking all my vitamins like a good girl! My hubby is too.



    so thought i was pg so i took a test or 3 and they all bfn im so up set . oh well i hope its next month now.



    I posted my opk I. The preg photobook if anyone wants to see what they think



    emma, I am sure it will come back =) The closer you are to O, the less you need anyway as the sperm does not need to live 5 days if you are 2 days from O. Loads of EWCM is not mandatory for conception. If you think it’s going to be a problem though you can always get your hands on some Pre~Seed.



    Pretty sure I had an implantation dip- at least hoping it is. What do u ladies think?!?



    I live in New Mexico and the weather hasnt really changed. Our 1st snow was on Oct 29 (my bday!) and it has been pretty cold ever since. I take my temp in my mouth and I have since I started. I am just a little confused why it is super low this month. I have read that if you take certian supplments (or foods) it can make your temp go up or down depending on what your are taking but I havent changed that either. I havent changed anything.

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