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    Dm- will your doc do a progesterone script just by you calling in? Mine wouldn’t. I couldn’t even get hem to tell me my progesterone levels after bloodwork. I’m still using the cream but wishing for a stronger pill form of it. Maybe I will call them back…



    I am so confused. My chart took a huge dip today, but I took another test and it got darker! I realized I put in the dates of my opk’s wrong, so I’m 11dpo today, not yesterday. I thought for sure I wasn’t even going to get a faint line because of the temp dip, but there was a definite line this morning.


    I never particularly wanted twins but was never against having them either…I dont think u can ‘help’ urself as to whether u concieve them or not. Multiple pregnancys run in both my parents families – I know it depends on ur mums line so high fertility was always a possibility but I just think it depends on how many eggs ur body releases as to how many babies u get….I am so thankful for mine as they are fantastic and I was blessed with 1 of each aswell and I wouldnt change it for world so good luck xx



    usmcwife ——hoping so too. 😀 Yeah I know BEST time is afternoon. I stopped drinking/peeing earlier today.. I’d be happy to make it til noon or 1 oclock. :D… it’s so hard for me. Worse than 2ww for me. ………….



    DM – You have every reason to cry and just let it all out!!..This is a loss, and people never generally “get over” a loss, you just learn to live with it; and over time that same loss doesn’t hurt quite so bad!! I hope you can find comfort in your family also..and of course we are all here for you!! As you know, most of us here have gone through similar losses so we can understand your pain, your frustration, and your confusion; for the most part!! We’re here for you!! Big big hugs for you!!



    Good evening ladies. If any of you have a minute could u take a look at my chart and tell me what you think?
    I’m 8DPO CD26 and my temps are still up. I have some cramping but no AF yet. Hopefully no AF for 9 months!!! Hoping everyone else is doing well. Thanks for taking a look



    It’s not letting me see it, just taking me to my account.



    Diane, Can I take Centrum and prenatals and drink lots of orange juice? Will that help? Sorry ladies its cuz I was diagnosed with HPV in my pap. And Im trying to make my immune system strong to fight it out.



    I have my follow up Tuesday…



    klasnaya -I am having cramps too. The usually come in late evening and stay till about 30 min after I wake up. I dont have sore boobs but I never get them, not even with my daughter. They do feel more full though! I dont remember anything-no symptoms at all when I was pregnant with my daughter. Only around week 8 is when they really started. I am 8DPO.



    today is CD 15, and I noticed watery CM on CD 13, and 14. it looks like I usually O on CD 16, so ill see if I get EWCM today. hope you ladies are doing well!



    aw bummer, Nich! At least AF did not make you wait, so on to a BFP this cycle!


    Congrats to the latest round of BFPs! I’m 5 days til AF, and I think I’m starting to imagine symptoms. Sore BBs and fatigue, but my EPT is showing a BFN. I guess it’s possible to psych yourself out and start seeing signs that aren’t there. My fingers are crossed that it was just too soon for a result, and as hard as it is I’m going to hold off on testing for another week.



    u know what the issue is? i keep testing with 10miu and i keep seeing the faintest line but shouldnt it be getting darker. my husband still claims he doesnt see anything , he thinks its all in my head! ooooh i hate this waiting game!


    Missymoo – I had a profile set up in 2010 when I had my youngest, but it’s gone too. Such a bummer, I had all kinds of stuff on there that I would love to get back! Sorry about the BFN, but like Sher said, you might not be out just yet. And hey! I’m 9 days PO too!

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