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    Member is an awesome resource to check the sensitivity of every test. go to the website and click on the tab ‘home pregnancy tests’ to the left. to comment on what a few of you ladies are talking about… FRERs are by far the most sensitive in my experience. I’ve been able to get BFPs as early as 8 days post ovulation. my last time around, it took a total of 2 more days before digital would come up positive.



    I hope that I am not getting to excited and carried away but i have a huge amount of ewcm happening today to the point of having to wear a pad (sorry tmi)….praying that i am actually ovulating



    lovemy2boys- I’ve taken only dollar store tests and both of them came out strong of either one is faint. Either way it means you’re pregnant! 🙂



    Does anybody have problems w/ cysts? Will it stop you from getting pregnant?? And if you do get pregnant and have to have surgery will it abort the baby??


    Vegan: I HEAR YA! I’ve been snapping at everyone lately and I feel awful for it. I got in an argument the other night with DH about when I wanted to talk about my day. How dumb! Aprilsf: It is sooooo hard not to. I hear that a lot of people just need to forget they are charting in order to have it happen because they are to stressed otherwise. FX for you though!



    Diane – Not this morning. It’s more sticky. I’m also feeling generally crampy in my cervix. I just feel generally icky this morning.



    Hi All!! Congratulations to all the BFP and my best wished for the BFN for the next month. FINALLY DH has agreed to do the bd this month and actually ttc. We have been thinking about it since june this year but something or the other kept him postponingit. We have a 27 month old girl and she hasn’t started going to any play group also my doc said that we should do the BD for a whole week like from 20th till 26th to increase our chances as i am getting my AF three days late for the last two months ……………………. finally it is here = don’t get me wrong but i am super excited that DH is ready to ttc this month and i hope we manage to do the BD for the entire week from tomorrow HAHAHAHAHA IMAGINE if i really get pregnant this month ……………



    Haha yeh im scared to have a boy coz hell be bigger then tahlia.



    [email protected] – This is our first time ‘trying’ to conceive as well…. Welcome back to the site and lots of baby dust your way 🙂



    I just tested and got PREGNANT on ept digital. I’ll post the photo on my page in a minute. DH doesn’t even know yet, he’s still snoring!!! I’ve been trying to get my 2 year old to say ‘I’m gonna be a big brother’.



    zuzka — the same thing happened to me this month. I just took it as a MC. Never happened to me before. I got a faint positive and lifted a heavy patient at work and started bleeding. I was kind of upset about it, but ready to start trying again this month. So sorry that it happened to you too.



    Bleeding has come back 🙁 oh well I went all day without it that was nice haha



    Mommylove13-I always use the First Response if its before AF. I feel more confident of the results even though it could be too early to test. 🙂



    6dpo might be too early



    Dragonsoccermom u do what u feel is right best of luck whatever u choose at the end if the day it’s urs and ya mans choice xx

Viewing 15 posts - 35,461 through 35,475 (of 131,346 total)

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