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    Amanda I’ve just started taking prenatals too bloody horse pills lmao my main problem is remembering to take them haha xxx



    hi duff and lcm…..hows things with you?



    lil.pigz: I see that! DH and I went to Osage Beach for our honeymoon! Lol I swear I’m not making this up! Oh, I would so love to go back. It’s so beautiful there.



    im so excited DH is in the kitchen making homeade chicken an dumplings with mashed potatoes!! how sweet of him 🙂


    3rd month of us trying trying. First for fully trying but without ovulation test and temping etc. Had some spotting last wednesday or Thursday evening. Litterally 10 tiny little spots. Haven’t got my usual cramping or as much bloating as normal in the week leading up to af which is due Saturday. So fingers crossed. 🙂 x Coco – so sorry to hear about you sister. My heart goes out to her x



    I don’t know as never been preggo. But they say sickness doesn’t start till week 6 but lots of people have it as soon as implantation happens so you could be one of those people who has stretchy pain early. Also AF pains and aches are meant to be like early preggo signs so try not to worry too much. How long till you go in?


    Question: I bought OPTs for the first time this month and they arrived yesterday (CD15) I took my first EVER test and the line was dark but not as dark as the test line. Today though, it’s WAY lighter, almost un-seeable. Does this mean I O yesterday or the day before or is this just normal? Pls help! In the 4 months we’ve been trying I’ve had 32, 32, 36 and 34 day cycles. I stopped night feeding so maybe its shorter? Thanks 🙂



    Ok, so I’ve started to make baby clothes. I couldn’t help it I love making them and last time I did was when I was pregnant with my son. If it doesn’t work out well I can always either keep them for when I need them or give them away as presents. Please please please let there be a bfp by Mother’s Day. Af’s due the day after mother’s day



    I’m currently CD 13 of 28 – I don’t O right in the middle, I’m pretty sure I O around CD9-10…. either way, BD has been done CD 7, 10 and 12… Could be 4DPO or not at all any DPO lol – which makes my TWW longer than a standard TWW… ARGH!!!! Just had 30 internet cheapies arrive, 6 Predictor tests, 2 FRER and 2 clearblue digital – should see me through 2 months… But who am I kidding? I woke up and tested instantly even though if I Od on CD 9, it’d be way too early… (and I mightnt have even Od!!!!) They wont last the month.. lol



    seans- Ill be on in the morning live testing too. I think its to early for me to test but Im going to anyways


    Haven’t commented in awhile but there really is not much going on. CD13 and I am expecting to O around CD15 or 16. We are starting to BD tonight so I am hoping that we can time it right this month.



    yessss that is most definately it. I would almost bet my house on it being that!



    Luv2teach – a dip can happen around 7dpo (it did both times I was pregnant) even with the dip it is still too early to test. Try and wait a little bit longer.


    Seansmom we have the same start date lol Hopefully we will both get BFP and no AF she is getting on my nerves lol But really I will be thinking about you on Thurday and let me know what happens. Baby Dust.


    Hi ladies I’m back! After not being on or trying for a few months, I am now 1 day late, we weren’t trying at all, so we shall see how this goes! It’s nice to see some of you girls still on here! Terriann I’m crossing my fingers for you!!!! We have been threw a lot on here together!!!

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