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    Morning, lc I think im ganna test in a min my last test but and I still don’t think ill see a bfp. Well cd 37, 19dpo 5 days late and a temp rise of .1 again!



    I know people who have had abortions and went on to have healthy babies! 🙂



    oh and it is shocking bc they have NO IDEA i am TTC….



    ~mama~lindsey~ Today is my third day of positive OPKs. FF moved my ovulation date up a day. I hope my LH drops off soon so I get a negative test.



    LC once a fortnight are you kidding that would drive me insane I am a 2/3 times a week girl normally when he is here LOL!!



    Congrats kirkir! GL Rachie, happy 2ww!!!!!! 🙂



    Hi everyone. I have a question for anyone who can answer. I bought clearblue OPK and read the instructions and it said it will tell you if you are expected to ovulate within the next 24-26 hours. Once it is positive does that mean I have 24-36hours to TTC or will I have already O’d? Thanks for the clarification!



    cgmonkey-that sounds similar to my chemical pregnancy. Period lasted a little longer but I ended up getting pregnant again before my next cycle so I’m not sure how long your next period will take.



    Digitals need 50mIU of hCG Samantha, so best to use a First Response or Dollar test (25 mIU) to check for early positives, then if you see a faint line, check with the Clear Blue the following morning, or morning after to be sure for an accurate result.



    We’re trying for our 3rd this month. It’s excting to be trying again. It’s crazy though how our mind will play tricks on us when we’re TTC and I analyse every single ache and pain! I am on CD 21…. good luck to everyone!



    Jenny, was your test yesterday positive for sure, or a ‘maybe’ positive? If it was for sure positive then you should ovulate within 48 hours of that test. If it was ‘maybe’ positive, then today may be your true surge. It’s very common for LH to linger more than 24 hours. Some women have 4 or 5 days of positive OPKs, but usually ovulate after the first positive. Good luck!! PS: Are your cycles usually predictable, around the same length each month?



    Hey ladies some of you will know who I am and others won’t. I have been ttcing for almost a year and a half now and still no second baby. I am currently on CD 48 and still no AF. This is the longest cycle I have EVER had and it’s driving me crazy. Might have gotten a super faint positive yesterday but I don’t trust it. Testing again soon. Congrats on any BFP’S



    great. so i have to refrain from going out to my car and grabbing the last test, peeing in a cup, and hoping for the best. man i seriously….don’t know if i can! pathetic i tell ya.


    I’ve just added a pic (first in album) can you have a look and tell me what you think please I’m between 7-10 dpo. Thanks x



    Good luck to you too aubree0730!

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