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    I posted my ff chart I have only temped from the day of my first opk to today. I didnt do the first half of the cycle cause I was trying to take a little relaxed approach but I started again cause I wanted to see exactly when I o’d. And I am glad I did since I have had so many days of a possitive opk. It would be nice if I just had a possitive opk right up to a posstive hcg!! And opk is still poss today



    thanks last one for me….I just wish i knew if i was but i never wanna test early. So looks like it be friday.XXcrosses fingersXX


    hello ladies….. After a break, and the return of my cycles Im finally back in the game. Its been the longest 12 months, and have never been so happy to see AF!! This month weve been at it every day :S AF is due in 4 days exactly….. Fingers crossed we wont have to wait long for success now.



    thanks ladies 🙂 im freakin out over here haha


    Hi ladies. I find I spent time away from the site and get all calm and collected, then I have to type in the search bar those 3 words for this site, when I’m nit pregnant and have to navigate to TTC again, and all my frustration, heartache, tears and emotion come flooding back. I’m so happy for the BFPs but sooooo jealous it’s unreal 🙁



    ha! i know what u mean tho, i never go anywhere or do anything, blahhhh. and then me and hubby got into a fite last nite, he blames me for him not being able to go out!!!! hes a grown man, i told him to go do what he wanted, i dont care but dont lie to me about it and he freaked out, i was like ur not going out and not calling me and think ur goin to waltz in at all hours of the morning, u can go out but be responsible!?!?! ugh. men drive me nuts.



    Had less then an hour of pink spotting today and now nothing!! Hummm.. I am 12DPO and waiting till the morning to do my last test. Please let tomorrow be a good day!!! Congrats augustbaby on ur BFP 🙂





    I’m really ill….. 🙁 woke up yesterday morning with a horrible sore throat, it has got worse, hopefully get some antibiotics tomorrow I’m 12 dpo, feeling sick but I think its cuz of this illness, hopefully I can get a docs appointment tomorrow, do u think its a good idea to to a hpt just incase?



    Welcome hopingformore!



    to join our secret group add me on facebook at and i will invite you to the group



    can anybody explain wht soy does? and is it like soy beans and milk or diff… lol… i just dont know, never heard of it.



    Wrote a new blog…kind of boring but feel free to read it.



    That’s why when using OPKs, if it is possible for you to do so, backing it up by taking your temperature each morninr (BBT) is a good plan. Helps to confirm with a fair amount of certainty that ovulation happened.



    Lil, my dr told me to ait until af came and went. GL~ thanks for the heads up ttc-why do ppl have to be like that?

Viewing 15 posts - 35,866 through 35,880 (of 131,346 total)

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