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    I just added some videos to my page of my little man – gee they grow quick!



    mango – Congrats!!!!! So happy for you!!! For everyone else who has been preggo before… when did you test positive?? I’m 15, soon to be 16dpo… and still no period. Usually I have a 11 day lp, so i’m a few days late. But my test this morn was neg… just ondering if there’s any hope that i’m just going to get a late positive or not. I temp chart, and check my cervix and I know when i ov’d.. just curious. I’m not holding much hope.. but af is still away!! So who knows!!! Baby dust to everyone else!!



    Andrea – thats my plan hahaha. it was so easy with dd cos we worked in the same place doing the same night shifts and had all day to lay around bd’ding for the fun of it. now dd’s here and bf works nights it has to be scheduled, but as u sy he doesnt need to know lol!


    hey ladies, sorry for the AFs that has showed and sorry to any BFN, and congrats on any BFPs that ive missed too, on mon will be CD28 if i defo ovulated i wont know, if i dont have a AF by this time next week i may do a test just coz i have some in my draw and cpuld do with a POAS. i know i prob wont get a BFP so may pee on a OPK instead lol. gl to all testing too, and thank god its friday aye??? x



    i was just braggin on how he didn’t complain, but he said it was all good, he didn’t mind, i guess this month i just won’t ‘tell’ him, i’ll just seduce him



    damnkat- I am not sure I Ovulated, but I really think I did bc I was having ovulation symptoms, like light cramps on one side and feeling like BDing 😉
    But no I did not do any ovulation test or check temp or anything like that.



    It’s pretty weird, but I had a dream that Raychel was holding a flashing BFP sign in her profile pic – I even had to send her a message a few days ago to check in, and now here she is with a BFP! I by no means claim ‘special predictive powers’ lol – I think it was because I had gone to sleep the other night after having said my nightly ‘BFP Prayer’ while I look at all the pics of my TTC budies in my friends network (even if you are not in my network – I keep you all in mind! PS: Add me when the accept friends option starts working again – lol)



    Mama bri Oh No! I Hope you’re ok!!! Feel better soon And I hope you have a speedy recovery! Keep us posted!



    mum-2-3 – My friend did the First Response test (2 tests) She took 1 when she was 1day late which came back negative and then did another 1 2wks later which still came back negative! She did the ClearBlue test at 3wks which came back positive then! So I think their rubbish but then it could be down to ur HPG Levels? Or what ever they call it xxx



    mileysmommy- you wont get a false pos on an OPK. I usually get my first pos OPK with FMU anywhere from 12.30am to 4.30 am, then continually get positives for the entire day and sometimes the next am too. Each time this has happened AF has shown up going by the first pos OPK. When they go pos, they are really pos, regardless of time of day. Get BD’ing lovely!!!!!!!



    spunky – that is if an eggie got released lol my temps are definately indicating it – I guess I’ll find out today lol


    4 dpo .. I think … looking at a 35 day cycle i think this time … testing Nov 4 !!! God I hate long cycles…. youknow its bad when DH even mentions how long they are ….. Sick with a cold other then that waiting !!!



    8 DPO here



    I have yet to do much research because with my first 2 pregnancies we were pregnant on the first try. So this month i looked into it more. I read that sperm takes 12 hours to do whatever it needs to do to prepare to fertilize and it can also last up to 3 days so… we decided to bd a good 10 days in a row just to make sure. Clearly this was a logical plan, although a failed plan



    o yes! i felt like i was getting my shortly after ovulation. as long as youare having no spotting, you are fine.

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