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    I took my on a dollar tree test and it was so faint id could barley see it and then the dr used a test from her office and again it was so faint i could barley see it and now my blood work came back pos too



    Dawn i am not sure maybe an evap line??? do another one cos i am really not sure….



    Love- I am currently ttc while bfing/exclusively pumping for my 10 month old son. I’ve had 2 cycles pp and they’re all out of whack. Typically they were 28 days, my last one was 38!



    I know I said id wait till Friday to buy my frer, but I cracked like I usually do, lol! I was at the dollar store & saw the cheap hpts. Bought 2. I came home, took the test, walked out of the bathroom. When I went back to check a couple minutes later, there it was, my BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stop crying. I was shaking when I opened up the 2nd one. Another BFP!!! I’m going to have a June baby!



    I really think its just whatever your body is ready to do. I have used, opks, preseed, vitex, soy, prenatal vitamins, hip tip, morning bd, every day, every other day, every 2 days fertiliaid for men and women, and my body just isnt ready yet. At this point I think you just gotta be patient as hard as that is.



    Well I tested again this morning and I have got a darker line! so it is definitely a BFP!!! I still have not been able to post a pic on my profile, but I have managed too via a blog. It is called surprise! If you want to check it out.



    Heather – you can have several days of + OPKs. Some gals have had four or five and gone on to get their BFP. You usually ovulate in the 48 hours after the first + OPK, but BD until after they turn – just to cover your bases!



    love my kiddos- af starts anywhere from 10-18 after ovulation… that’s in a ‘normal’ cycle… after ovulation you start what is called the luteal phase and its usually pretty consistent per person.. like I have a 13 day lp but I don’t ovulate until cd 19-25 so I have a long cycle. the only way to really know is to chart you’re temps for a while and get a good average as to what your lp is. 🙂



    This is my first full month so no!



    Cd7 and 7 more days and I should see my Lh surge a few days after. I think the days will fly by due to the fact the holiday is here soon. Too bad I’m not ovulating around thanksgiving because DH is finally off Thursday – Sunday so bding would be so easy. Oh well, I Will make it fun when time comes and DH will try harder this month because he let tired get in the way last ovulation and he was not happy. So I’m sure he will be all about bding plus it’s boy month;)



    lisa, in Australia the law is a 5 point harness don’t ask me why but they changed the law a child has to be in a seat till they are 7 aswell



    NixSA – 8 dpo is still a bit too soon maybe? i’ll test again in a couple of days.


    Keymaster Here’s my baby. =] He just had his first photoshoot for a terry product catalogue.



    Happy New Year ladies!!! Wishing everyone a BFP!!! :))



    I might do that Gill – but at CD 36, I don’t think it is going to make a huge difference – still worth practising tho!!!. Either I have caught this month or I haven’t. I hate the waiting game!!!!

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