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    amy- Ill keep my fingers crossed. Hang in there. We are all here for support



    Yes ladies it will be wonderful if next month we all get our BFP and get to move to the weeklies. YIPPY my DH just was told his tickets are bought 😉 he is coming home on the 16th – 20th



    mfbrown!!! Take a photo!!!!!!!



    Thanks Terriann and cocoloco. That’s helpful! And Terriann…my temp dip went from 98.22 (cd5) to 97.84 (cd6)and then up again to 98.41 (cd7)…and stayed up cd 8 &cd 9. Does that seem like a big enough dip for implantation? And cocoloco…yes I’ve also experienced shooting pains…in my lower abdomen and cervix too. Just in the last couple days actually. Never had that before.


    I took a test 2day 7dpo i know stupidly early! and it was BFN i think my DP was more gutted than me i think its cos i knew it was a hell of a long shot


    Terriann how exciting!! I know I feel like we have been trying for to long and since we stopped we started to be come a lot healthier so it scares me now if I’m not because I’m having a fear something is wrong with me! When will you test again??



    LC- I was just going to ask how long after implantation for a BFP. I was going to test again tomorrow but maybe Ill hold off til Friday. Im starting to feel more symtoms- tired and my boobs hurt (which is odd cause they never hurt with my DD)


    Thanks for answering my question.
    How often is best to BD during a week. I don’t want to stress it. (I would prefer to get pregnant on our own again)
    Maybe CD 10, every other day? or everyday?



    so my af come to visit not impressed, but now im really confused. my periods have been really irregular the last 3 months, and i have never had irregular periods in my life, always 28days, so far ive had 30, 28, 35, and 32 days cycles. so dont even know when im ovulating, so in turn when we need to bd the most!! x



    Good morning ladies- Anyone have experience (good) with blue dye tests? AF was due either yest or today and I had bought a bunch of internet cheapies which have all been neg with FMU. I forgot I had a CVS brand hpt. It says it compares itself to first response. So I used mid day pee, and instantly a line came up, it was a skinny weird line that got darker.. but now that I guess the pee dried (?) sorry if TMI, the line is much fainter, still visible to my eye.. but I probably wouldn’t have picked up on it unless I saw it pop up right after I peed.

    I am getting my car fixed right now, so I cant even go to the store to buy a different test. The suspense is killing me. On another note, My breasts hurt, and a few days ago I had cold like symptoms which I had with my daughter. Im hoping. After my two ectopics, I just want a safe, care-free pregnancy right now. So if anyone has experience with the dye.. let me know!



    so funny i was like praying for you before and i was like…please god make lc be pregnant this month and i just had to giggle to myself,we have this code names,its classic!!



    Hey ladies!!! Peekin in from week 12…and so sad to see so many familiar names 🙁 I pray for all of you often!! I soooooo hope you all get your well deserved BFPs soon!! All the best to you ladies! Will be checking in every now and then to hopefully see some BFPs!!! Congrats to all the recent BFPs!! Baby dust and sticky vibes to all!!!!!



    poizin- as long as no AF you are still in the game!



    morgana83-Thank you. I hope so. 🙂



    Digitals are so darn pricey, but if you get a convincing line on a cheapo test, then the following day should be accurate on the digital. If I got a faint line on a sensitive test, I would wait two days. I’d go with dollar tests until the day AF is due. I was blown away a couple of weeks ago when I saw one ClearBlue digital gold for $28!!!!

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