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    LOL I have toys all over that I need to pick up or else DH and I will probably break our neck soon!



    Hi Girls,
    Im new to the TCC, DP and I have decided a few months ago to TTC#2. I got my IUD removed two days ago, so let’s see how long it will take to get a BFP:) Im hoping for a April/May baby as our DS is July. although it would be nice for them to share a birthday month……best of luck to you all and hopefor us all to be in the Pregnance section soon xxx



    Abs Mommy- you can never chatter too much!


    Hi All what I’ve noticed with conceiving is if you just dont worry about it. It always happens just pray in leave it in Gods hands he will bless you. Good Luck to all.



    Hi girls – I posted a question here yesterday about OPK’s (I had never used one before) and had 6 replies on my profile today. Thanks so much for the info! You all are very supportive. =)



    ok, so…i took a opk test today and it came back positive!!! super excited!! I had my mirena taken out three weeks ago today and have been soo confused but now after talking to my dr. he told me that hte brownish discharge and light spotting could also be signs ovulation is about to begin. low and behold today after 20 negatives on the opk i got a positive!!! Hope this is good news! *baby dust to all* hopefully this is our mo:)



    Hang in there clay. Just try to stay positive and don’t stress too much



    Hey Ladies, My names Kate and i was on this site with my little boy who will be 2 in August… We have been trying for a second since October 2009, so about 9/10 months.

    This month i feel different?! I got a positive OPK on CD 15, then 6 days later on CD21 i get pinky CM. getting excited i thought it was implantation. But have tested today CD 24 and got a BFN 🙁 Do you think its too early to test? Or do you think im out for this month?? Thanks!! xx



    Hi everyone- love reading everyone’s comments. I wanted to suggest a song for cutiepie if youre still looking. I was just watching some songs on Youtube and my all time favorite wedding song is ‘I Cross My Heart’ by George Strait. I just don’t think it gets any more perfect. Congrats notsmithers, what awesome news. Hope others are so blessed. :}



    Okay ladies, I just started taking Elevit and Bioglan Fish Oil tables. May the baby making begin!!!



    hello Ladies, AF is due today but nothing yet.. i will wait for a week if AF didnt show up will test again am just tired of testing so early.



    Claire it really depends on the person but I have heard of ladies getting pregnant the month after a miscarriage because you are very fertile then.



    klarasmum – sorry to hear that it looks like a chemical :o( Being positive can’t hurt though and hopefully soon you’ll get the nice sticky bfp!!



    Hey Ladies. I’m back for Baby #2! Wishing everybody lots and lots of baby dust!!



    Thank you Vicki!! I’m so happy not to be nauseous this morning after feeling that way for 2 days. I told DH if this is what M/S feels like I think we should stop TTC now! hehehe KRISTIN I’m glad you’re feeling better.

Viewing 15 posts - 36,661 through 36,675 (of 131,346 total)

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