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    Well I assuming I ovulated last week. Got my period on July 4 only had twice since going off Depo. So now I am sitting here waiting to take a test. The 4th was early so not sure when I actually ovulated, If it come on the 28 days that would be on the 28th does anyone know when I can take a test. All this waiting it driving me crazy. thanks



    Sarah my DD had that kind of fell before.. when she fell did she cry right away or got dizzy for a bit or fell asleep?? as long as she was crying then it is fine thats what the doctor told me



    Kayla I would test soon, your cycle this month might just be shorter than normal. I get that sometimes like this month is a 32 day cycle but last month was 25 day cycle so I ovulated way sooner than I thought last month.



    i know i have heard of a few people in my town that it happens too, i also think it may be the fact that they are young and dont want to admit it.. my first moved not stop as strange as it seems i felt him move at 14 weeks.. early iknow i didnt even believe it.. but my mum said my sister never moved and she can understand people that dont notice it…



    god-iva yes bf can make TTC harder but as long as you can tell if you are ovulating there is still a chance of conceiving. Good luck.



    AF due today.. but nothing yet.. I never even did the BD till couple days before it was due… can I still get pregnant? and my cycles are 27,28, and 29 but that was only once… well I guess I will wait till tomorrow.. I bet thats when its coming



    Hello lovely ladies. I am soooooooo disappointed: finished my 4th round of clomid and nothing for me. I am TTC No 2 fow 20 months and not a single BFP. I am 36 years old with Insulin Resistance and clomid actually made things worst (hostile CM and very thin lining). I don’t know what else to do as I hate moving on to injectables and IVF is out of the question. I AM STARTING TO LOSE EVERY HOPE! And the worst part: every relative of mine is pregnant with twins or second or third child. And even worse: I am working exactly next to a birth clinic and I can see the newborns from my window. How more desparate can I be?



    hello ladies



    I have a question. I have never BBT before and I am wondering. What type of thermometer is the best to use and where is the best spot to take temp? Would an ear thermometer work well?



    Someone had a link to a website that calculated what your temp should be if you took it at the wrong time. Anyone remember?



    *T*-oh wait, I am sorry that is early response is 20 miu…no idea for the regular one



    Hey Phoenix!! Yea I remember we are at the same times…coz we both were way excited at the thought of BFP’s for valentines!! How u feeling?! I am feeling queezy and my bbs are sore…but I bet its all in my head…and today somebody else confided in me that they are pg and someone else had their scan this weekend and she has TWINS coming! I only want the one….lol x



    BABYBUNTING09 : Chances are that you were trailing off by last evening. I would say that yesterday was your SURGE!!!!!!!:D Hope you stayed busy…


    With my DD I absolutely new I was pregnant. I had such bloating. I tested positive with her at 7 DPO. I think i am expecting too much this time, like a huge red flag in my body screaming ‘you’re pregnant’ and I have to realize that I may not really have any symptoms this time around. I guess I implanted early with my DD. I am still hoping that AF will not show up or at my physical tomorrow my doc will magically be able to tell by looking at my cervix that I am pregnant! 🙂 Ya RIght!

    Sounds to me like you got it right CLEO! I would definetly try FF though, I find seeing on the chart that my temp has gone up after O is a relief, because then I can see if we timed it right. BABY DUST to you in the 2 ww!

    What is the longest anyone has had to test before they got a positive BFP, after negatives?



    I don’t think I am going to have much luck at charting. My chart looks really bad an in consistent. Granted I really don’t know what it should look like…oh well. Dh and I are definitely doing lots of bding.

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