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    Thanks beerbelly – I am have been holding a pee forever so I am going to go and test now!! I will be back shortly with the results. I am not getting to worked up over a BFN if thats what turns out because I know I may well be testing too early. However I am excited that I might just be lucky and get a faint early BFP…..fingers crossed I hope its not to early to test….the suspense is killing me!!! hahahaha



    man i am beat this arvo! but thanks to my grotty children floors will need washing tonight before bed..step kids coming up for a sleep over tomorrow and daddy likes the house immaculate lol. i have a pretty busy wkend planned. tomorrow i have to take my oldest son bday present shopping for his friend, he has the bday party on sunday (costume, he’s going as batman) and the step kids will be here (2 teens b/g) and the inlaws usually pop in on a sunday morn too. fun times! haha. should get time to be on and off over the wkend but if not i hope you all have a great wkend with lots of BD’ing and hopefully some new BFP’s too! good luck mamas!! xx


    OH the dreaded 2ww i forgot about that lol – lil i think we are all poas-aholics here if its not a hpt its an opk



    mommy2aidan – I am testing tomorrow too! Can’t wait to hear your results! Also I think I should note to everyone that not all drs are the same nor are all of our bodies. We all have different health history so it’s probably best to call your drs office and ask them what meds are safe to take before you take anything. I wouldn’t want to be blamed for giving bad advice, I just wanted to share what I had been given by my OB.



    Hey Happy! I’m glad you’re feeling better!



    its not likly that it a evaporated line usually that takes longer, i got my first bfp on a dollar test from the dollar tree lol, but it was there but very faint i even thought i imagined it, till this day i still cant belive it i took a digital 3 days ago and now im convinced



    I feel as if I should be taking a truck load of meds to make this stop.


    anyone else going to be testing around Dec. 11th? I know it’s a long way off since i am only CD 4 but i can’t help but look ahead 🙂


    PS…. Yeah to all the ladies testing, good luck and baby dust! And to all those who had visits from AF heres to next month BFP’S!!! =)



    also I am only 2DPO and my lower back is really bugging me with a nagging pain…can’t be AF signs yet! Does anyone get a bit of back pain with ovulation???



    ahahaha Diane thats hilarious that you used DH’s pee..



    My hubby leaves for afghan in Jan so we only have a little bit of time left to ttc so im getting anxious!



    clay, was it spit up or throw up?



    ref~ I am just outside of Lethbridge



    lol yeah thats what i meant 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 36,781 through 36,795 (of 131,346 total)

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