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    dardar- sending baby dust your way 🙂



    good luck cpalmer hope you get your bfp



    if anyone has luck with setting there page to private let us all know..



    ya we need more BFP here!! Getting excited!



    Duffy – I’m 9 DPO today. So if I do a HPT tomorrow it could come up but may not be true. What if I do 13 DPO will that be more accurate?



    amy, just make sure you guyz keep good communication, dun let anyone get in between you 2, even yur own kids. u both are more powerful together, remember that. having a tiger as a kid should be ok.



    TTC1more – Welcome!!! 🙂 Hope your stay here is short…did you get a chance to BD any days before your pos OPK? If not you still have a chance!! Ckar09 – she is a wicked witch!!! Hopefully the 6th cycle you will get your BFP. Onebaby – your better than me I would have already tested lol…Good luck to you!!! Tickle – YAYY!! Happy 9 months to you!! Urnaa – Post a pic if you can!! Hopefully it’s a true BFP!! Mommy2anl – Good luck to you!! Hopefully this will be your month….and mine…..and everyone else haha! Brandy – Mine are still really dark too maybe not quite a pos but that is 3 days in a row with a super dark line!! Idk why there are more than one day of pos OPK!!?? For me it is CD27 and wasn’t able to BD last night hopefully tonight but after tonight I am soooo done!!! I will become a reborn virgin after this!! Lol I told DP not to even look at my after tomorrow!! And I don’t think he has a problem with that…he is just as exhausted as I am! Its funny though when we first got together 5 years ago we would get busy 2 and 3 times a day…now its way different! Maybe 2 times a week!! Haha



    how does hpv affect women? is it different then men?? just curious 🙂 dont kno too much about it :/



    Welcome back gabst! So I think I want to test Monday…am I crazy? Is it too early? I’m just so anxious this time around






    Brandy- I’ll be POAS tomorrow morning. Not really hopeful, as like you I’ve had so many BFN’s. I’m pretty used seeing everyone else get their BFP’s and all I’m left with is AF. I had the exact same mid cycle spotting this month(bloody EWCM) as I did last month and that ended up being a 43day cycle, so I might still be a week early, who knows???? Anyway, we need to stay positive, as long as AF is not here we are in with a shot! Best of luck to everyone testing in the next few days!!!



    My bf is the head of security at a strip club so he gets to be ‘out’ every weekend, like he gets to see ppl and then he goes to his normal drinkin session on tuesday nights with his work mates and has his other kids on sundays and mondays( i feed them and wash clothes and pack lunches etc) but the only time i ever get to go out he makes me feel guilty even tho my mum minds her not him . sorry gals just need a rant. i LOVE being a mum and i so want more kids i just want my bf back the way we used to chat . not him on one comp and me on the other!



    I have cramps and I am spotting again….looks like AF is on her way…On one hand I am sad I didnt get my BFP on the other hand I am happy that she is finally showing after a 38 day cycle!! Blah..possibly tomorrow will be CD1 we shall see!! :/


    Thanks!! I hope you get your BFP really soon, i have been following your comments and i really think your preggers!! you have more symptoms than i do!!



    Damnkat- thankyou for your reply. I’ve been getting some pretty intense cramps on and off all day. So ready for this to be over 🙁

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