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    Thank you sweet ladies! It really helps to have you all to go to. Damnkat- I’m praying for you hun. Only positive thoughts going your way!<3



    lol spunky – it is 9 15 am here!



    liam, we are almost cycle buddies. AF is due Nov. 2nd for me. I’m around 3 DPO.



    8 dpo here too


    Alicia you are great! … I wish we all lived in the same place it would be great! … Thank you .. I am sure I will be posting alot this month …. I tend to post more the more poas i do … this month was the first month since may that I didnt buy HPTs .. it came at cd 28 .. I didnt even have time to think of testing yet with long cycles …. Opking this month and doing it at least every other day from the 7th to the 19th … to cover my shortest and longest cycles 🙂 DH better het ready!



    Yayyyyyyyy Allison! Such wonderful news! A busy summer for you with getting married, and now your BFP 🙂 Congrats!



    well, here i am….cycle 3 of ttc, cd2…blah. I really give itto you ladies that have been at this for 10+ months…I don’t know how you girls do it. So kudos to you all…. In other news…since I live in the Northeast, since we had that snow storm sat. there wew over317,000 ppl without power, downed treesw, downed power lines, etc. DS was supposed to start preschool Tuesday…and it is now day 3 the kids have been off school…I’m thinking of orderingsome opks off amazon. Any recommendations and at what levels they pick up hcg?Thanks ladies.



    oh and whats the difference between basal body temp and like the ear thermometer?



    IT WORKED FOR ME LADIES!!!!! Hey ladies I am from 22 weeks. Me and my fiance tried to get pregnant for a year!! And no luck finally I was watching t.v. and saw an episode of Roseanne and it was the one where she was trying to conceive. Well ended up, laying on her backs and putting her legs up over her head. Looking like an ‘L’ shape. I also googled it and they, do believe in it. Well I finally tried it and did it for 30 mins after intercourse!! Long behold I was pregnant that month!!! IT WORKED. My doctor said that the reason I wasn’t able to get pregnant so fast is because, my ovaries were so high up. So I hope that you ladies try this and you it works for you as well as it did for me!!! GOOD LUCK!!!


    Oh and hubby and I just started actively ttc this week. HI!


    I am one of those ladies that have ridiculously long cycles! Right now I’m going onto day 67!!!!! And have been put on provera to induce a AF. Wellcome to all the new ladies I hope ur stay here is short xx



    good morning ladies! congrats girls on the bfps!! you guys are popin like crzy! lol



    charmed I updated my post, the stupid comment box is playing up again






    hello ladies – ive only been away a few days and it feels while months lol (sorry for any typo’s – im sure u all know why) on cd3 here and desperate for a BFP in either this cycle or the next – if i havent scored by the 6th dec i will have to wait until MARCH cos hubby is out of the country eeeek!!!
    waiting – i was vey saddened to her about your friends terrible loss – i cannot imagine what she is going through x

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