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    LOL…not yet dmmarine! Hahaha…its been one of those days!!



    good morning ladies!



    Alicia- good luck. That’s when dh goes to md for LASIK eye surgery…



    Good Morning All! It’s Monday morning and I’m at work…ugh. WIsh I was at home with the hubby and Baby.



    Congrats Brandy!



    im testing friday…kinda scared!


    Congrats need a boy :D. Let’s keep that BFP train going… Still negative OPK. They aren’t even getting darker, is that normal?????


    cd 24 right now



    Bored so i am going to tell a story lol.(2ww makes everyone a little crazy) CD23, knowing that my body is not reliable to tell me when i get preg, I have decided on a new test. There is an area i pass on my drive home everyday that smells SSOOOOO GOOD! Its like sloppy pepperoni pizza and makes me want to order out every time i smell it. With my two pregnancies I had to a)avoid driving my there or b) hold my breath becuase it was the most repulsive smell! I am now using this drive home as a pregnant test. instead of HPT I will call it SPT (smelling pregnancy test). That is my rant. have a great day and so happy for the positives!!!!


    sorry for all the typos i cant see my comment box!



    Cd ? I don’t know. Lol. All i know is I’m having sharp pains in ovaries- which means I’ll prob o soon. I finished the clomid a few days ago. And didn’t really have too bad of side effects. Although I did have hot flashes last night though. Lol. And a little nausea today has set in… Hm who knows. The bd was going to attempt to start last night but I was so Fred I literally fell asleep. Lol so I guess it cOntinued in my dream so I woke up and said I had a good dream. And he says- yea I was about to then someone fell asleep. Lol oops! Hope everyone had a nice holiday!



    hoping – i think ill be around 12-13 dpo then too, i hope 🙂



    Wow…it sounds like there are a lot of promising symptoms lately. FX for everyone. @kristy- that’s horrible…so sad to read that. As for me…I think I am 1DPO. Praying this is my month.



    lol k, ya im the testers worst nightmore– the one who cant test so she lives vicariously thru u all!! muahahah



    okay Ladies…. I came home and went pee pee, when i wiped i had CM with a little pink in it. Is this good??? i am on day 6 of my provera, but i’m thinking that just maybe i ovulated on Wednesday but I dunno… what u think???

Viewing 15 posts - 36,946 through 36,960 (of 131,346 total)

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