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    hello ladies ,, just a question .. i should be in my period on tuesday ..but if i dont ..when will be the best day to test ??? i have had some heartburn coming up and my boobs are very sore .. sometimes a bit nausious but not much …



    Taylor I feel the same way…but we have to keep positive as hard as it might be…I’m gonna test on Tuesday you should too 🙂



    Aw sorry to hear that lc. Goodluck on another fresh start, now were both into our 2nd month. Im cd11 and af was due around now stupid came early haha but at least get to start again.



    while they are hacking the site maybe they can fix a few if the bugs too 😛



    nunu I really hope you get your +OPK!



    Yay damnkat thats exciting, good luck with you appoint.



    Eeyore – I know what you mean it is just like me for me even all of my friends have got 2 kids and more and today I am on CD19 of 18th month of TTC. Some times this will happen you can’t do any thing to change that except praying for your time. And this is the most painful thing.



    Hi ladies. Five DPO and feeling frequent urination? Or am I wishful thinking? Hope you all are doing well.



    MOrning everyone!! COngrats to the BFPs!! I know alot of you dont know me, and some may remember me — after a year of being here I removed my profile, friends and all because it was just too much!! I just wanted to update you guys and maybe get some advise or someone else that sais ‘hey Im in your shoes’ anyway. Since last being here, I have dropped about 20 + lbs. My cyles were never irregular but I was dx with PCOS. Snce the weight loss, my AF went from about 7 day to 3-4 days. I used to do the opks and when I would do them, I would get positves for 5 plus days in a row. This last time, I decided to use them and I had one day of positve with some reassurance, I learned that maybe my hormones are back on track from the weight loss, and that is why only one positive opk this cyle. I currently am in the TWW and the ‘symptoms’ that I think Im having, I just put them in the back of my mind, and try not to become to obsessive. The only ‘symptoms’ are AF like cramps, a little moodiness, hot at night for the last 3 nights and thats about it. Oh — I am 4dpo. I wish everyone here the best of luck!!!


    Kristy- so sorry hun about ur news, stay strong and were all here if u need support or a chat xxx



    turtlefur – Im going to find some leather buttless chaps for my hubby and have him open those at the PO!… Wonder what he would think if you non-chalantly strolled in to Mcd’s and sat down next to him, glaring at every bite he took, tapping your fingers on the table,lol……GGMarie-when in doubt, grab the digi’s. I had to do that with one of my pg’s when the line was too faint to be sure of. Check at though and check the sensitivities to those and what you have used though. I think the clearblue digi’s are 25mlU, some poas tests are more sensitive.



    @blondeone I took 2 dollar store hpts. The first day of my missed cycle I used fmu and the line was so faint I had to use my imagination to really see it. On day 2 I took a first response, bfp, then on day 3 another dollar store hpt and it was very very faint. I don’t trust them as much and the faint line scared me but the price is good.



    mama, i already tested for that before i was pregnant with my 10 month old, and 4 weeks ago i was tested again cause i was having pain during sex… But nothing… But when i was pregnant, i had the sort of same sharp pain feeling, but i can’t remember the pain exactly from the first pregnancy…



    Positive OPK’s, a temperature dip, some ovary pain, and lots of BDing make me a happy chick! Happy Easter everyone!



    aselleck – That sucks. 🙁

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