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    I feel sooo sick today. I feel like I need a really good chuck! It would be nice to have a BFP to justify feeling this crappy!



    dont no how many dpo i am now but had some awful news today my man had stopped an old lady getting robbed at the weekend resulting in the thief cutting his own face open my man recieved a phonecall from police today saying the thief is hiv positive so he in to get fully tested tomoro,we had sex yesterday n day before which means if he is unlucky to have contracted then the chance is so hav i 🙁 so worried :/ xx



    I’m still waiting for my period or a bfp…I’ve been known to have late implantation and late +’s so hopefully within the next few days I’ll have some answer. I’m 16dpo today. CD 35.



    I Have A Question……:)
    Has anyone experienced a certain feeling in the uterus after a missed period ,not painful and not like AF pains but more like its getting tighter or being tugged??? i know its way toooo early to be baby feet lol . but that fluttering/pulling feeling?????



    If I got my positive OPK yesterday than, and I didnt bd lastnight, is it still good to bd tonight then?


    Today makes it 4 days late for me, going to town to get my last (I swear to god it WILL be my last) box of first response hpt. Wish me luck! And congrats to any bfp and sticky baby dust to those in the middle of your cycles



    yeah and i told you, just take it already! ha ha. peer pressure man… really gets to ya! well this is my last test. so as soon as i need to pee, well. thats the end of it. well not really, depending on the result! ha ha.



    Freakin myself out im 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant based on lmp my bbs have been sore all day n im sooooo tired but my cervix feels firm n slightly open medium to high digi still says 1-2 weeks n positive test looks slightly darker than yesterday really hope this bby sticks have hcg bloodtest count a week today far too long away for my liking as im high risk of ectopic just so worried. My boyfriend has already announced im pregnant to everyone. Xxx



    6 almost 7 dpo and this evening have had sharp pains in the groin region… like hurting from the inside I guess. other than that nothing else goin on… af if it comes will be here in about 3-4 days. we’ll see :0P



    Congrats to you, Hazleydmom!!! I’m secretly so jealous of you 🙂 That’s such great news!!! Take care of that sweet growing baby and have a long pregnancy!!!!



    kaylamama I am on CD31. I take provera for AF metformin and clomid. I don’t have a cycle as per say even with the meds. The only time I did was when I was on bc as a teenager. So the pains I have around the belly button area are something else. Maybe nerves. I did have AF like pains in the pelvic area yesterday and the day before but it seems to have gone. I am scared to test I so want it to be a BFP. FX for you to get your BFP this month what CD are you?



    Ladies mahalo it’s very kind of you. Duffy YIPPY you have your bfp. I’m so very happy for you and all of us are hoping to follow you soon



    Morning Ladies, hope everyone is well. I feel really nauseous today :o( I am hoping it may be sign of a BFP but this is my first month off the Pill and I don’t even know how long my cycle is going to run for. I am CD 24 today and had a really positive OPK yesterday so I am hoping it was picking up hCG and not that I am O’ing this far into my cycle. The OH has been despatched to the shops to pick up an HPT which I hope to take in the morning.
    Baby dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Luvmykiddos sweetie you could from cd1 to the latest time af shows, so with that said I test on November 14 if af hasn’t show her self.



    herein, have you been TTC for a long time?

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