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    Mahalo ingodstime also if you get another bfn and no af I would go see the Dr and have them do a blood test and check you.



    goodluck for wen u test again angel!



    felishamarie24- Awww,((huge hugs)) I have to agree with Nixsa though, take a ‘break’, not so much stop BD or anything like that, but focus on something else even if for a bit. That is what I honestly did right before Thanksgiving. I was so down about all my months of constant bfn’s, and family members announcing their unwanted unplanned pregnancies, I was just beside myself. I didnt use OPK’s, I didnt look at a calendar, hell, I only had sex once that couldve even counted, and I got a bfp when I least expected it. I wish you the best and some peace of mind until that BFP♥…NixSA – Your family sounds like mine,lol. I dont even want to tell them I am pregnant. Sad that I am closer to you ladies and my facebook ‘family’ then my own blood:) Sorry about your bfn too, buit 8dpo is pretty early still for most peaople…3wouldbeperfect -Why Thank ya! I take that as a compliment♥ Ironically I wanted J” names for my kids in the beginning, I have always liked Joseph, Jack, Joshua and Jessie for boys. But after 6 girls and ending up with all A’s at that point,(completely unintentional with the first 2) I gave up until Andrew,lol. Then a ‘J’ wouldve been the oddball,lol. He did get Joseph as his middle name though:)…



    Awww – she is such a cutie!!!



    Hey ladies. its 8:35pm here and we have a fire going and waiting to cook our meet. Very chilled evening with my folks. Keen to see the new year in knowing next year is when we welcome our little baby here. I am hoping 2014 brings a bfp to each and every one of u and in the first 3 months of the year so you get your babies same year lol. Inkdoll all the best hun.



    I don’t have any of the early tests, and it’s been my experience that I can’t get a + hpt until 15dpo lol. If my opk’s and ferning stay positive Ill test in around 5 days.



    3wouldbeperfect- Im thinking of testing sunday (its 11pm in australia, well where i live) I’ll be 14 DPO by then! I was even sick earlier tonight after getting the biggest craving for minestrone soup!! FX af stays away for you tho! Do you think this is your month? Hopefully we can move onto weeklies together!



    want2bemom- I’ve never had problems with pimples in my entire LIFE until I was pregnant with my daughter. Of course, it could be signs of AF, too… but I only got it when I was pregnant and, unfortunately, have had it ever since! And a big CONGRATS to Cheeky and Sephora!!! I was supposed to have my surge yesterday, but never did. BD’ed anyway because…. well, it’s fun! Hopefully I get a positive this month since I’m using the OPK’s for the first time.



    Inkdoll see if you can get in an early bd when DH gets home and maybe you can still get the egg. The egg live 12-24hrs after it is released. So I’m hoping for late release and an early bd for you 😉



    MrsBugs, your egg quality will be fine, but major stress is bad for TTC as it can delay ovulation or mess with your hormones. A day or two of poor sleep won’t throw your body into chaos, but if it keeps up it might delay ovulation. Try to give yourself a routine to relax you before bed tonight. After your daughter is in bed, have a bubble bath, light a candle, read a book after. Lay down and just unwind. Forget about the kitchen if it needs tidying or laundry needs folding. That can be done after you are rested. If we don’t let ourselves recharge, we end up getting more stresses, sick, etc. Hope you sleep better tonight!



    zwiebelpulver: don’t give up hope you could just be O a little later 🙂 Congratulations on your new Neice 🙂



    CD 13 today and feeling out of it, im so sleepy. Cant wake up.



    Ink- this is the only pregnancy I’ve had labs done for, and it’s number 7 for me. The last two were miscarriages after I’d just gotten IUD Mirena removed. I just have a gut feeling after lots of research that it stripped the lining of my uterus, which means low progesterone. Now that I have a ‘history’ of losses, they’re doing labs. The only other miscarriage was a single one five years ago fresh off of birth control. Successful pregnancy a few months later. Something’s changed since the Mirena. If you don’t have the bad history, they don’t do the labs.



    It’s darker in person, of course. And I compared it to the one from last night, and it’s definitely getting darker. Is there such think as a darker false positive? Haha. I’m going to pick up some dollar store tests later today after Evan’s 6 month appointment. Poor baby has to get shots today. =[



    Luvmykiddos: when I first taught, I would bring my work home. Then after hearing another teacher say that we don’t get paid enough to work as many hours as we do for ‘free,’ I decided to not bring work home. I have a cousin who stays at the school for an hour or two each day so she doesn’t bring it home, but even that is too much for me. I’ve also heard that so long as teachers continue to willingly work unpaid hours, things will never change. I realize the arguments siding for the other direction. However, I liked my life and job much better when I didn’t work extra hours. It may seem impossible to offer a quality lesson/education without it, but I disagree. The challenge of squeezing it in the workday is well worth the rewards.

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