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    congrats LK on the faint pos! have u uploaded any pics?



    Thanks Diane, Ill be using OPK’s this month so will start testing a day or 2 early if AF doesnt come back.




    Hi gals, thought I would nip on n say hi quickly, I’m at work so….anyway, Congrats on all the bfps, looks like Nov is gonna b a good month! Dh mustv felt bad abiut bein too tired to bd l.nite as we bd’d first thing, I’m hoping we catch the egg……



    Hey Sarah!



    xwee…sounds too early to be on coming AF…plus if ur regular u should have o’d by now right? fingers crossed you have caught that egg! xx good luck!



    Oh I know I’m a POAS addict. For awhile I was peeing on OPK’s just so I could see that second line. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside bringing back the memory of seeing that second line on a HPT!!! Crazy I know, but that’s why I love this site. This is the one place I can truly say what’s on my mind and not feel judged!!! 🙂



    2-3 DPO for me!


    thanks , i was all drugged out yesterday . i think i can make it through the day with out hem to day . may be just to sleep.


    crazy…don’t get your hopes up yet! LOl I’m not confident it’s bfp. I do see a faint line but I really am a skeptic of these line tests. My hubby sees the line but it very faint and It may be a evaporation line that I’m seeing . It almost looks like the outline if a bigger line if that makes any sense



    Tried Clomid. Not only did it not work for me but I didn’t ovulate!? Doctor was suprised. Put me on it to regulate my ovulatory patterns. In the long run I just take False unicorn root. I do OV regulary now but nothing for me yet. I think the problem lies with my DH sperm count.



    What a long old month it has been. Sorry not been on in a while, just felt very negative about this month since the hideous bleeding mid-cycle. AF due tomorrow but I guess my cycle will be all shot this month. Loving the turkey Di. Have I missed many BFPs?



    I just got finished filing and my gosh I just felt dizzy and very tired. I had to keep bending down and standing up. I feel better now that I’m sitting and eatting my cookies….lol



    Hello all. I’m very discouraged today. I just got my AF again…. I know there are a lot of you that feel the same way. Are there any out there with one tube that are TTC? I had a baby after 10 months of trying a couple of years ago, and now it’s been 10 months again. I’ve tried to relax and just let it happen, and it’s not. I think maybe I just needed to vent as it seems everyone around me is PG. Thanks for listening/reading.



    I’m constantly working on an experiment of one type or another 😉



    EMMA, WEEGEE, SJMOM, KATIEA, PHINAJ and GREEN~~Thanks ladies!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 37,291 through 37,305 (of 131,346 total)

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