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    Eek ladies I’m over 50ks overweight!



    yea it could be your hcg leven is not high enough to detect on a test yet. althought a first response test should be able to detect almost 5 days before missed period. have u tried that one



    First Response Early Response tests:) The overpriced ones everyone uses as a last ditch effort when the cheapie dollar store or internet tests fail,lol. I just happened to price-match mine at the store and had a coupon.



    Thanks! You too. =] I got a positive OPK on CD 13 last cycle, with a digital clearblue OPK. I’m going to keep using those, they’re great!



    Cd8 today. I have just been going with the flow the last 8 months of ttc and not been stressing about it, coz I know how terrible it is when that is all you can think about, so have tried not to become to obsessed. But it seems like not stressing about it is not working out that great for me. Time to get serious about this now or else I might never get my baby!



    thanks again knuckles, i always thought i was a regular 28days until this time around ttc! now i have gone from 28-33days funny what you find out when you start concentrating lol x



    luvmykiddos i am soooo sorry to hear hun 🙁



    Yeah where is Diane…I find her websites on her page soo helpful, but I still can’t figure this one out?



    sorry brandy…hopefully the test is wrong!!



    Diane-I’m sorry to hear about nast AF. She needs to stay away for a good nine months! I hope this month will get you your sticky bean! So tonite DH and I used the preseed for the first time and it works pretty well! I liked it and so did DH so I do think that it could make BD easier since the stress of babymaking can decrease CM. I’ll let you all know how it turns out!



    I wish there was a like button similar to Facebook! Because I would totally like what you said 3wouldbe.
    Sher- I wish nothing but the best but make sure you and the bf are in a good place emotionally before bringing another life in. In the mean time- if you are able to and have access to the 3 week old- embrace it- hug it, love it as your own, and when it cries hand it back to momma because- you can. Lol. (I did not intend for this comment to be disrespectful in anyway or taken as such.)



    It’s as good a day as any. If you buy OPKs then they will detect the Lutenising Hormone (LH) surge and help you better predict when you are O’ing. There are loads on the market to choose from. You can also check your Cervical Mucus (CM) and your Cervix Position (CP) to help you decide when is best.



    Opk is starting to get a little darker (not much) but signs are there- so I managed to get 2 bd sessions in today… Lol.



    Hmm… I may have to try this ‘pre-seed’. Do they sell it at Walgreens? The last two months I tried to use the calender on the website,, and CM to see when I was ovulating. That was when I noticed that mine doesn’t seem to correlate with my O at all. It is pretty hit or miss. That is why I decided to go with the OPK this month… however, that just seems to be confusing me more! What does it mean if your CM is sticky and gooey like jelly? (sorry if it is TMI)



    I’m sorry I was wrong I was only 3,dpo when i wake up I’ll be 4… lol I keep thinking ahead and thought today was already wed.

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