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    Advice Needed.. So the BF and I BDed last night and I had light pink spotting afterward and I thought knocked me on my period, so I put on a pad. When I woke up this morning it had turned light brown when I wiped, and I’ve had nothing since this morning… My period is due tomorrow. My breasts are starting to itch now. Any idea if this could be my month? Should I test or wait it out?



    Speak soon ladies and thanks xx


    Well, the cramping has moved mostly to the left side, and my low back is killing me. I feel very wet (sorry if tmi!), and I’m getting a headache. Yesterday and today I’ve fought some nausea off and on. Hope my body isn’t just playing tricks on me!



    Well, my bbs are sore, but they did that last month and I had a BFN. I’ve also had some ‘spells’ where I was dizzy and a little sick, but that could be from anything. How about you? I’m going to try to wait until Feb. to test. I’m expecting AF on the second too. I’m not so good at the waiting thing though.



    2b1g.ekd – 12 min. ago.
    ‘Are any of you all tired but extremely restless? ‘————–

    The Story of my life. dunno how old you are but.. I am desperately trying to figure out how to stay awake for another hour so i don’t have to be up at three and restless as always…..



    and DH doesn’t like it when i say am Ovulating we need to BD,,



    wow 7 days a week. UGH that would be hard. LadyGodwin~ I know what you mean about AF showing right after you get a negative. That’s what’s keeping me from testing. I hate that let down. I just know AF is right around the corner and she’s gonna jump out and scare me any minute.


    hi girls well im 8 days post ovulation and am having some cramping and some weird discharge sorry for tmi hows everyone today any bfps



    monstamama— don’t worry, you will have a reference point VERY soon. When do expect O? But even after just be consistent and keep checking. I think it took me a month maybe to feel confident in the different phases . 😉






    Cd10- I am going with the every other day approach until like Cd12 then it’s everyday!!! And maybe even twice a day 🙂 I am so wanting a June bean!



    lol. Just wanted to let you know that I kinda laughed about it afterward because I just kept crying.


    So i think that i O really early i got a positive Ovulation test the other day and neg today, SO i really hope i cought that egg! I have BD’d almost everyday since i eneded AF and even while i was still on very lightly SO SORRY TMI!!!



    babysofiad – that is great news.



    okay good luck crazymomma hope it’s a nice solid BFP

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