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    thanks Di… i am sooo hoping for the third option 5 DPO today and mild cramping …. still very sore swollen …fatty nippies…. CD 18 …. hate the 2ww … want to test now!! 😀



    hey girls,my DD has a ear infection and she’s cutting 4 teeth, poor thing. she was up all night and wanted me to just hold her..I couldn’t put her down and I had a migraine on top of it. The things we mothers go thru for our babies lol


    id be just as happy if it were even one of us!!! Cmon we are doubling our odds now! I called my doctor and got a prescription for next months cylce (to be prepared) as its the Canadian Thanksgiving here, and it is a holiday on Monday , and I need to start these meds day 3……DH said we can try fertiity treatments (just not IVF) for the next 3 months if this fails *fingers crossed*



    Gill would you mind if I message you about this nonsense? Your situation sounds exactly like mine!


    These pictures suck!!! I wish i could get good pics. Ugh. This is torturus! Do you think if i wait 5 hours to use the restroom it will become darker? or should i take one tomorrow, or wait a few days? Geesh i just want to know now!



    im sorry elizabeth


    Im gonna be gone for about a week! ANd i am not able to log in on my phone. 🙁 I’ll miss you ladies!!!!



    Gator, there isn’t any real tracking of CM to indicate pregnancy… you might notice you’ll have more CM (as your body makes the mucous plug) but CM is more of a fertility indictor than a pregnancy indicator… after AF, usually the CM is dry or sticky (tacky), then thick/creamy, then creamy/watery, then watery/slippery, then like egg white/stretchy (the last two types are the fertile types)… after O it usually goes back to dry/creamy…. CM can be tricky, and is not always that consistent for every woman… sometimes you may feel like you have had all types in just one day! It is considered a ‘primary’ fertility indictor like BBT – that’s why it’s a good idea if you’re tracking one, to track the other – or back one method up with OPK’s (like you did!) 🙂



    yeh lissie its a hard 1, it would take a strong man to agree to it……it could be hard for a man to take on ‘someone elses’ baby, which it could always be in his mind……but i also understand a womans yearning to have a baby inside her & give birth & all of the things that go with it, i dont think theres a right or wrong answer, it has to be right for you & the family, i really feel for your friend & her dh, i hope they get through this trying time & make the right decision for them



    Sarah, have you lost your baby recently, or are you struggling to get pregnant?


    HEY!!! All of you–stop it, now I see everyones doing it *tsk tsk* Gotta run ladies, Thanksgiving here North of the Border! Gobble Gobble, have a GEEEERRREEEEATTTT weekend ladies!


    I think someone should run over to mummys just incase she has fallen down the toilet and have a sneak peak at the result lol


    Ladies, want to vent. My husband should have to obtain a licence to use our washing machine! I pulled all the clothes out of the machine and I mean all…so much stuff jammed in there. My DH has put the towels and bleached nappies in with my work clothes so now they are either bleached or covered in fluff. OMG! There vent over thanks 🙂



    wait…cleo, the ex that you have been talking about is a woman?



    So another negative OPK (used Clear Blue Digital) and I checked the line again after ejecting it and it was faith again (more than yesterday). So I’m thinking I O’d early (damn doctor told me I would O on CD18!).
    Hopefully all the BDing we’ve been doing since Friday helped!! CD20 for me today!

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