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    I have had major mood swings lately but I am hoping that I am done with my weekly fits, lol. Sometimes we just cannot control the hormones we produce. But hey, it’s worth it in the end I suppose. But my poor DH doesn’t know what to do with me some days!



    navymomma- I am charting my BBT (basal body temp), taking OPKs, checking cervix and cervical fluid, and doing a 20 min hip-tilt after bd-ing. Its a lot! LOL But I really want to get pregnant soon! I do not want to be big pregnant through the summer!!!


    Rice is rice lol – thats what i think anyway



    alex.aarons. I hope it does too! Be very seductive! lol



    Cleo? Lol u back yet?



    Okay ladies, why am I having so many days of ewcm! I know that ewcm means you are supposed to be fertile but I have had 9 days in a row. The last three there have been heaps of it. I don’t have a clear temp shift yet. I keep oscillating between what I think are pre/post o temps. I haven’t done opks this month so i don’t know about any surges. Do you think my body is having trouble Oing? FYI I’m not ttc quite yet–trying to figure out what my body is doing first. I want to wait until my luteal phase is greater than 10 days–terrified of miscarrying. I’m breastfeeding a few times a day so this is screwing things up i guess…



    mamacas – sorry for not replying I was on the phone to hubby. I actually dont know how many DPO I am cos of not taking any notice of this months cycle until AF failed to show. I usually have a good idea of when I am ovulating…but unfortunatly not this time around. And for a BFP not to show by this time I can only think I ovulated late


    di..ok thanks I think I’m just going to try to BD every chance we get because of my unpredictable cycles.


    OMG Crying at my desk… This is AMAZING!


    darwinsbaby -There is a special thermometer its a Basal Thermometer…. you can get a reasonably priced one at CVS or Walgreens 🙂



    how are you all this evening ladies? xx



    O and has anyone ever felt this…. I am not pregnant yet but for the last 2 days i have had a vibration in my pelvis. It kind of feels like my cell phone vibrating but its nowhere near me. I looked it up on line and they said it could be a nerve or something and then I saw a website that said a lot of prego people feel this early. I dont remember feeling it with my first but i really dont think i am prego seeing that i had my period last week….



    hi ladies, i am sooo tired. DD is running me ragged!!


    Goodmorning ladies…Any new possible bfp’s? As for me still waiting for O time whenever the heck that



    Cleo: WOW TWINS!!! Congrats, thats awesome!!

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