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    taylorttc – my chart isn’t quite triphasic . . . I had the spike at CD13 (day after O) and then a big drop at 9 dpo and it went right back up to 98.5 (thought it could be implantation), but it hasn’t been increasing as it would with a triphasic chart. I’m currently 12 dpo and I’ve dropped from 98.5 to 98.2 to 98.1, but I’m still well above my coverline of 97.5. If my temps are still above the coverline tomorrow, I’m gonna take a HPT, but I’m not sure what to think about the slight drop over the last couple of days!



    hi ladies, since i have AF today i’m reading your conversations, but i feel like i have nothing to say nor do i even feel i relate to you anymore. it’s so sad.



    jfer, post a pic. congrats..i am so happy for you…



    **edit** we ALL will 😉 – G’night my friends, catch ya tomorrow!


    I swear its scary how much we have in common, my sil has 3 children lost all of them ia dating a druggie and has no stable home. My mom has been a meth head since I can remember, she dates 18 yr olds and is now with some married guy. I do not allow her to be around my children and I feel bad but am grateful my dad and step mom are a big part in my kids’ life. They call my step mom grandma and I don’t mind she was a b**** but she was there unlike my mom.



    i got some tests off the internet it was like 25 opk and 10 preg tests. i also got some rope to tie down that lil b*tch of a baby dust fairy who apparantly didnt do it right the first time for me!!!!! Now all ive got to do is convince my uterus that it doesnt have to leak out ALL of the blood in my body…and we will be good!



    thanks poizineyevee 🙂



    Chrissi – haha, I bought a fathers day card on like… ovulation day hahaha, I figure if this month is a no go I’ll just stash it for down the road sometime. I’m so lame and I love it! haha



    I have been so tired lately at night, which is very opposite for me. I have had insomnia since my first daughter was born. And now here I am telling my husband I am ready for bed at 10 pm. Here’s hoping that’s a sign for a BFP soon.



    CONGRATS TO WANTINGFORTH :):):):) sorry it was so delayed, we have been busy with hubbys 6 yr old today!! hope everyone is well 🙂


    Ok so I couldn’t resist! lol I just had to pee on something and since OPK’s are all I had I did it just to see. I ovulated on March 27th, and today being 11dpo, I’ve read that OPK’s can detect hcg but not to count on that alone…. well I poas (OPK Stick) and it was a darker positive then when I ovulated!!!!! I’m like OMG! Trying not to get all worked up or excited but I seriously need to get a hpt and poas tomorrow morning! 🙂



    laurakate, come to this site 🙂 lol thats how i deal with it!! the support is amazing here!!



    TOVEANDBRODY-I have learned to not believe everything you see. There are some on here that are sickly looking for attention. I tend not to comment on strange looking profiles. Also, I look at how long they’ve been a member here as well.


    Sarah…i LOVE the pictures of your dogs and the TP!! My dog did that once…its hard to be upset when its OBVIOUS they had the time of their little doggie life!



    Not tested today have no tests left n cramps are achey like af…. Like in my uterus….. Boobs r starting to ache as well

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