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    about to go BD. : )



    Thanks sunflower..thats crazy this was our second month ‘trying’ as well…and i know other ladies try for a lot longer..i’m just really emotional about it for some reason..but like dh said whatever happens happens and if something is wrong and i do end up with a chemical than it’s because of something out of my control and we will just continue trying..i hope you get a sticky bfp soon!! i think i will make an appt with the dr just to get peace of mind so i know for sure whats going on.


    Im still catching up but I read you blog wanna sorry bout the BFN but a big yay for a step in the right direction



    @ monkeymamma that should read around the time I think I ovulated blooming phone when i’m typing the words are so small can’t read what i’ve typed until I post.



    My boyfriends mom said she got one when she was prego with her (my bf). I got one when I was pregnant with son last yr (that was my first time ever getting one in my life). I noticed one this morning. So I thought I might be pregnant.



    Huh I’m curious about this using opk as a pregnancy predictor. What I read is that LH and HcG hormone both increase when pregnant. I never considered that before! Cd25 for me another week yet til my AF typically shows. Fx for you milliemum it’s sounding hopeful



    hmmm,do you have any neocitron? that always puts me to sleep pretty quick. or maybe popping in a boring movie?



    Hopeful – good luck for your testing tomorrow! Keep us posted!



    LOL!!! I will never view my mailman the same way again!!!! 🙂



    Katie- can you upload a pic of it? Im sure if you do see 2 lines its a BFP! I would def take another in the morning though!



    I haven’t seen the baby dust fairy, but I think sometimes she’s invisible just to drive us crazy! I did get my first ‘deposit’ of the month last night, so hopefully I’ll get it processed and it will show on my balance. thebigtomato bank is open for business for the month!



    tutlefur ive been told its kills the sperm hence i why i alwasy leave oral to other tiimes of my cylce, um but seeing your in your 1st month go with it and have some fun hehhe.. dont wana make it to much of a chore just yet.. after 3 yrs i guess ive become a lil to carefull with it all. momytoaiden yeah heard zinc is good for hubys sperm sory i dont know anything more about it just do remember coming across it


    Could you ladies please go to my page and give me your info on my BBT chart….. also did any of you have a chart that looked like mine before there BFP, I ask because I’ve never had my temps keep rising the way they are


    Damnkat – what’s FRERS??? I’m hoping this is the month too!!! *Sticky baby dust*



    OH THANKS LADIES!!!!! I SERIOUSLY don’t know what I would do without you!!!!! You guys are the best! 🙂 Well Tiernan has a Dr. appointment to see how much longer he will have to wear his helmet so I will check in in a bit!!! LOVE YOU LADIES TO PIECES!!!!! 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 37,861 through 37,875 (of 131,346 total)

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