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    I am very sad i think that AF is going to show up since i never have any spotting in between AFs. And am having early Af too!!! I do not want to stay every month hopping and waiting and checking the dates!!! I am getting fed up even though it is only the second cycle of trying after the early m/c. With my dd i got pregnant on the first month of trying now this time i am finding it quit stressful. I know alot of people here feel the same and worst than me because they have been trying for much more than me. However i just needed a little vent!! This month starting for cd 10 until now we bded nearly every day. I do not know how we did not catch the egg. I am thinking to take this next cycle seriously too and than i will leave it to happen if it has to happen which i think it is the best think to do eventhough it is easier sad than done. Sorry for the long venting post.



    I just called the fertility dr office to see if there were any cancellations to get in before my schedualed appointment and asked the lady I spoke with and she also said it could just be the lead up to it. After I got off the phone I had to use the washroom and there was a lillte more blood this time when I wiped so I guess that is what is going on with me. I feel so drained today it is crazy.


    As I thought AF decided to turn up in the middle of the night, always nice… I had no signs like cramps or anything, whilst I was on the coil, my menstrual cramps were unbearable and lasted 2 weeks, so its kinda nice to have a normal period if u know what I mean… Anyway I’ve only been TTC for 3weeks now, and to be honest haven’t really put much effort in… LOL, so I’m not surprised I’m not pg.. oh well I’ll be bding away next month, fingers crossed..



    im waiting for hubby to come and get me….ughhh i hate waiting…la la la



    Hi britphlps maybe test tomorrow again. I hope it was just to early to pick up the BFP. FX for you!!



    ***babydust*** two2 & coco!!! xx



    Okay 9 days. Past O and I am haveing nothing new. I decided to not try lol just to se2e how this works. My theroy is if I don’t seriously try I won’t have those fake symptoms I won’t have the upset times when my test come up neg. Shoot I haven’t even bought any test by now I would have done tested like 3 times, but I’m trying something new I am just gonna sit and wait. No hopes up not worrying about did it happen this month. It seems to be working out I feel less stressed already. Af should be here Wednesday and if it isn’t then I will test or maybe ill wait some more I figured out that with me waiting on af it always shows up late and that crap suxs.



    fallen- I didnt take a pic. Im testing today in about an hour so I will take one today right after and then again later if it darkens


    congrats mphuntly. and also congrats on getting a pos OPK AMW. im CD49 and stil testnig neg on the OPK, oh well look like when i see my Gyno il be on CD 63. hopefully he will give me some provera to start off a period. yawn to this cycle lol x


    you thinkin u might be?


    ladies who remembers GGMARIE?????? shes back under a new name ‘TopazMami’ she is back (shes in the weeklies) dontt get drawn into her bullshit story. shes been around a while, shes a FAKE!!!! 2/3 months a go her and her dh broke up then apparently she fell pregnant with her dh best friend, then miscarried and is appently pregnant again with her DH. yeah screwed up i know lol. so please ladies dot get drawn in into her lies!!!!


    argh, ladies I have lower back cramps…so uncomfy



    Stupid IC’s, I hate them I swear. No change in my IC’s since yesterday AM and now I am terrified that is going to mean low numbers at my appointment this morning. Craptastic!



    i know tarajo, i bought a crap load of tests that were supposed to last a week but yeaaaa.. im out. i guess i always think.. well, maybe that pee was dilutted, or well, maybe i just need to test earlier in the morning….etc. im good at making excuses LOL



    Hey ladies! Still TTC here, but not so frantically. Just decided to let go and see what happens. Also, for those of you who have had BFPs or already have babies, did you ever try the gender predictor cassette? I noticed one of my buddies had taken one at about 6 weeks and it predicted a girl….she just had a baby girl this past week =)
    If I’m ever lucky enough to have another baby, I think I’m going to try it. Baby dust to all!

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