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    And thank you Braylons mommy, ali*l and loraclacey for all of your kind words. They truly mean so much to me! Everyone in this room is so nice!



    So today is cd1 again. I called my doc and he wants to increase my clomid to 150mg, but he also wants to monitor me via vaginal ultrasound beginning on cd12 and to induce o via hcg trigger. I think I would have a much greater chance of conceiving this way, but seeing as our insurance will cover none of this I am not sure I can afford it. Hubby’s and I are going to talk about it tonight.



    Thanks ladies! Rolos- I’d assume you O’d on cd20.



    Im sooo frustrated right now. I feel like im oing. But my opks still arent showing a surge. We have been BDing every other day just to be sure and now everyday until I see my BBT go up- I hope that I am- stupid test!



    Coco & Tara- I think we ALL have had that bittersweet silent loathing and hatred yet happiness for those pg before us,lol. Im speaking of my own family members too:-) No one around me is pg this time though, knock on wood, so no one YET for me to secretly despise.



    momof2bsoon….i might go and put some preseed in now then while hubby is ordering the indian – then top it up later? Will it not just drip back out though if im not laying down?


    Congrats luckypenny!!! How many 10dpo are you? I am 10 today’s and was going to wait till Friday but I think I might pee on a FRER tomorrow morning! I won’t be expecting a BFP though because I didn’t get one till day of missed period with my last. Maybe this month I’ll get an early response 🙂



    LC try pre seed…worked 4 me..u kw ive been trying for 3 yrs!!!



    hey ladies pic on my profile labeled test 3-20 10 dpo pm, can you see anything? I feel so pregnant.



    thanks lc – i was concerned that since my opk was now neg that i might have already released an egg today! Im glad thats not the case. I will be doing lots of BDing!



    7 days til AF is suppose to show up for me. Really hope she takes a vacation for the next 9 months! Fingers crossed!



    Thanks little kisses…I’m hoping for that. poor DH is all in a tizzy… 🙁 wont let me do ANYTHING. 🙁 Hope everything turns out tomorrow…SO long to wait…


    Thanks for all the congrats! Af is supposed to make her way into town on Saturday. I posted a pic on my profile of the test from this morning. Bought more hpt at lunch and will probably continue to test a few more times to (hopefully) watch that little line get much darker!



    I have some ew in my cm, that’s not to af like ? . Aww I hope its a good sign?



    Ah, I’m not so far away really, I’m (about as sunny as Scotland) Newcastle! We should deff have a natter… I would love to get into photography – especially with three – maybe 4 – kids! Though my partner is currently doing a nursing degree and I’m doing an OU degree in criminology while I’m not working (in the general sense – becuase obviously full time mum and running a house is a job in itself!!) :]

Viewing 15 posts - 39,076 through 39,090 (of 131,346 total)

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